Million Dollar Homepage Clones get Results; the Craze of Pixel Advertising Actually Works and Looks Like Lasting

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Advertisers express satisfaction with their ads on Million Dollar Homepage clone. The free site, FreeMillionPixels has generated so much interest that it is almost getting as much traffic as the original.

After much skepticism in the marketing world about the success of million pixel sites, it has finally been accepted that they do actually generate huge amounts of visitors to their advertisers' sites.

Gerard Brady , the man behind the FreeMillionPixels group of sites has said that , "There has been no let up in the constant stream of traffic, most of it from the search engines. This means that people are actually looking for pixel sites by choice, and not being led to them by exit programs or the like."

This is an easy comment to make, seeing as his site is now top of most of the search engines for "pixel" related keywords, ie the term "milliondollarhomepage" in MSN or Yahoo and his site sits at number 1 or there abouts (ahead of the original site and the associated Toplist of Pixel sites ( is also number 1 for its appropriate search of "million pixel topsites" and similar terms.

The toplist of pixel sites has generated hugh interest as it shows to the visitor which mega pixel sites are getting traffic (visitors) and which are not. So the advertiser can make a calculated spend of their advertising dollar.

Its fair to say that some sites have lots of traffic and still very few advertisers, and this is probably due to the sheer quantity of pixel sites in existence , and not a reflection on the sites quality.

The most noticeable advertisers are the "Bluechips." The fact that they have decided to spend some of their budgets on pixel sites is a confidence booster for Pixel advertising. One such advertiser, a VOIP provider Babble (http://Babble.Net) has took out a substantial ad on FreeMillionPixels and FFQ ( to name a few sites, and have already seen their return. It is believed that they are presently looking for other good million dollar homepage clones to advertise their wares, rather than traditional advertising methods.

Pixel advertising sites recently took a bit of a bashing in the media due to hacker attacks, but the loophole seems to have been closed as the random attacks have stopped and confidence has again come back into the pixel ad arena. The attacks were not damaging in any way so their was no loss of data luckily enough for the pixel sites and their advertisers.

So in summary, it looks like milliondollarhomepage clones are here to stay a little longer than anticipated. The clones are getting a bashing in online forums for being "copycat", but imitation is the greatest form of compliment ( clap clap to Alex Tew ). Ford didn't invent the wheel but they sure do use a lot of them.

FreeMillionPixels can be found at
The Toplist of "Great Pixel Sites" can be found here


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