'How To Almost Always Get What You Want From Anyone' By Helene Goldnadel Of International Creative Artists

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Helene Goldnadel was a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists) franchised agent in New York. She is the owner of International Creative Artists, a Post-Secondary acting School Licensed in the State Of California.

Helene Goldnadel is the owner of International Creative Artists. She speaks about the Power of Intent and the ability for an actor, a child actor and any performer to captivate an audience whether this would be in terms of an audition in front of a casting director, acting for a sitcom, a feature film, soap opera, episodic drama, television commercials etc...

"Sales people, retailers, telemarketers, waiters... Whether one is trying to push that dessert, make a sale or book an acting job there is a similarity as per why one doesn't get it done and a similarity in why one is able to achieve one's goal", says Helene Goldnadel.

It is all about: "Being whom you need to be to have things turn out."

"The rule for an actor who walks into the casting director's office, is to forget any and all bad stuff in their life the moment they come in. So of course, such actor would have to have done their homework. They would have been thoroughly trained in general acting studies, and worked on the lines for that very audition given to him/her by their agent. We are not the only good school at International Creative Artists. We have an outstanding placement program. Other "schools", without proper licensing will just take the student's money. But there are numerous schools in LA that can give you proper training as well."

"Working on each audition is called "running the lines". An actor does it until he/she is blue in the face. One needs to have that stuff so memorized that in the process the actor gets themself lost in the role and becomes the character."

Helene Goldnadel gets all animated:

"Then he/she walks into the casting director's office she says, and they own the job!"

"But back to the actor having the ability to leave their daily crap at the door:

Let's say you are supposed to be this mysterious spy, hot, charismatic, every girl's fantasy type of guy..." Helene Goldnadel grins:

Instead of being just that at the audition here is who walks in: "Joe-who's-car-broke-down-and-he-had-to-borrow-his-mom's-to-get-to-the-audition-and-has-to-bring-it-back-on-time-so-she-can-go-to-work-and-is-pissed-because-his-girl-friend-left-him-because-he-is-so-broke-and-so-negative-all-the-time-and-so-unhappy-and-upset..." (Laughs)

Helene Goldnadel continues: "Anyway, does this apply only to acting? Think again:

"One applies for a job somewhere, and they are not even convinced themselves that they are the perfect person for the job. Such person would have created their own result -- Or the lack of it -- Even before walking in for the interview."

"A young man asks someone for a date, and has already decided that she will not give him the time of the day... Well, at least he gets to watch SNL tomorrow night."

"It's all about the same thing:

Whatever the actor wants for him/herself, he/she has to "declare" it. Then they research the role. They figure out everything about it: The actor works on it and gets it done like this is the very last thing the he/she will ever do in his/her life. Helene Goldnadel pauses."

She continues:

"Whether it's a role for which one needs to know the character so well that one BECOMES him/her, or a job position which description has to have no secret for the applicant: The company, it's mission, it's owners background and goals etc... All that one should know better than their mate's birthdate. And if one convinces themself that they are "IT", who can make them wrong?"

"Same thing when a young man tries to take a girl out. There he is researching the type of guys she likes, then you become "him" if you have to! Of course if the object of one's desire is into tall dark and handsome and one is short blonde and chubby, he may have a problem." Helene Goldnadel laughs.

"Water is wet and rock is hard. So keep things within a realm of actual possibilities. You don't apply for a job as a brain surgeon if you dropped out of Highschool. This concept brings me right back to the value of training in acting:

Acting is a skill. It is actually the result of the accumulation of very specific skills. A model can get away with modeling without having been trained. An actor has to have powerful on camera skills. Like Magdalena Zielinska for instance, one of our graduates who works A LOT in the industry."

"Also, you have to have proper referral. If you do not know someone who knows everyone, you do not get in..."

"Oh, one more thing, says Helene Goldnadel. You have to come from integrity:

Don't act for the money, it will keep on eluding you. Do it because you love the Art. Don't sell a product you dislike, sell something you believe in, something you love to use yourself.

Anyway, whatever crap you push on people when they are trying to have a quiet family dinner, don't do it after 9PM!

Seriously, if you are a waiter AND an aspiring actor, stay away from those desserts yourself unless you are a chubby, funny stand-up comic!"

Until we meet again my friend:

Work hard, keep focused and prosper.

The above chat is not intended as an advertisement for The International Creative Artists Institution's programs. Should you wish to enquire upon them you will be welcome to do so. Just keep in mind that coming in for an evaluation with International Creative Artists and its owner Helene Goldnadel, does guarantee you that you will be accepted.


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