Rosa Parks Legacy of Conviction

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Rosa Parks death reminds us that the stuggle for civil rights has not ended. The next civil rights revolution must occur in the minds of a highly educated and diverse workforce.

Rosa Parks reminds us of the strength and power of our convictions. Over 50 years ago Rosa Parks a seamstress from Montgomery, Alabama was arrested because she would not give her seat to a white man.

She challenged a system that entrapped African Americans into thinking that they had no rights. Separate but equal was a farce that could not be maintained. It was inherently wrong because the disparity between those who had and had not. Rosa Parks understood that she would be treated poorly for the rest of her life if she did not take action. When Rosa sat down the world stood up and noticed how a small African American woman in deep thought can accomplish great things. Just as the Supreme Court legislated decisions such as Brown vs. The Board of Education et. el. Rosa Parks is credited for a leading role in the civil rights struggle.

The determination of Rosa Parks is a phenomenal illustration for students who are in need of a greater sense of conviction about our nation’s future. In many ways she helped to bring national attention to the division that our country suffered. A country of people without convictions is capable of castigating its own citizens for economic and personal self gain.

Today many public transportation systems have hired police to protect riders from potential violence. However, Rosa Parks was led away by police for a non-violent act. She maintained her conviction because she understood that thousands of lives would be affected. Rosa’s community and family would continue to live in desperate circumstances if change did not occur. Because Rosa sat down there are African Americans who are elected to serve thousands in her home town.

The next civil rights revolution must occur in the minds of a highly educated and diverse workforce. During the 21st century, let’s demonstrate that we understood Rosa Parks convictions. We can make her legacy live on by placing higher value on education for the entire workforce. I am certain that if Rosa was here today she would remind us that the struggle is not over. We continue to have a 50 percent high school and college drop out rate. Let’s demand adequate funding so that k12 schools and colleges fully educate each student. We cannot give up our conviction to right wrongs wherever they may exist in our society. Dr. Stephen Jones is a nationally recognized author of Seven Secrets of How to Study.


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