On Exhibition: Biocide That Improves Produce Freshness and Shelf Life at PMA Fresh Summit Tradeshow

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Selective Micro Technologies to Exhibit SelectrocideÂ? Â?- a new generation of Chlorine Dioxide product for the food processing industry Â? Booths #3764 and #4505.

Today at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit tradeshow, Selective Micro Technologies will showcase the extraordinary effects of the company’s Selectrocide chlorine dioxide biocide on produce. Because of its selectivity as an oxidizer and its efficacy at low concentrations, chlorine dioxide is one of the most effective inhibitors of spoilage microorganisms, yeast and mold, all of which cause fruits and vegetables to decay during shipping, on store shelves and in customer possession. Before the introduction of Selectrocide, 99.99% pure chlorine dioxide has not been available to food growers and processors at the point of use.

Background Information Chlorine Dioxide and Selectrocide:

Chlorine dioxide is effective at low concentrations across a wide range of pH (roughly 4 to 10), and, because it is a gas in its natural state, dissipates upon exposure to sunlight. As a consequence, it is known widely as one of the most effective inhibitors of algae, yeast, mold, and fungi. However, because transporting the gas is generally prohibited in all but frozen forms, pure chlorine dioxide has heretofore been limited to use in large concerns that employ chemical generators, such as pulp mills (controlling slime) and municipal water systems (water purification applications). For antimicrobial applications, pure chlorine dioxide has been unavailable to organizations without chemical generators. With Selectrocide, the advantages of nearly pure chlorine dioxide (which differs markedly from the “stabilized” solutions and acidified sodium chlorite solutions on the market) are available for the first time.

JUST ADD WATER—AND WAIT. Now, Selectrocide™ brings the power of nearly pure (greater than 99%) chlorine dioxide solutions to point-of-use applications. Selectrocide™ produces chlorine dioxide simply by submersing the product in water. The resulting chlorine dioxide solution can be used to inhibit or kill a broad range of microbes, yeasts, molds, fungi and algae using spraying, washing or “dip” cleaning methods. Selectrocide™ makes it possible–for the first time–to generate specific concentrations of chlorine dioxide at the point of use, at neutral pH and with very low residuals, using only tap water.

Summary of Selectrocide™ Benefits for the Produce Industry:

  • Extends shelf life and freshness of non-processed fruits and vegetables. Produce stays fresh longer.
  • Reduces levels of pathogenic and other microorganisms on hard, non-porous food-contact (and non-food contact) surfaces, enhancing food safety programs throughout post-harvest operations. Pathogens and other organisms cannot build up resistance to Selectrocide™ because it kills harmful organisms by breaking down cell walls.
  • Reduces spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms on processed, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (Selectrocide™ A-10 and A-15 only)
  • Easy to use and does not require HAZMAT or complicated equipment
  • Can be made on-site in specific quantities and in concentrations desired. Only tap water is required to generate the chlorine dioxide.

About Selective Micro Technologies:

Formed in 1999, Selective Micro Technologies is a private company based in Beverly, Massachusetts. Combining sophisticated science with innovative product design, Selective Micro has invented a proprietary delivery system that controls the rate and efficiency of gas-producing reactions. The competitive advantage of Selective Micro’s products is their ability to generate specific concentrations of greater than 99% pure chlorine dioxide at neutral pH for point-of-use operators, using only tap water, without capital equipment. The Company holds two US patents, and has several other patent applications pending in the US and abroad. Further information is available at http://www.selectivemicro.com or by calling 978-927-6610 X13.

Selective Micro and logos are registered trademarks of Selective Micro Technologies, LLC. Selectrocide™ is a trademark of Selective Micro Technologies, LLC. © 2005 Selective Micro Technologies. All Rights Reserved.

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