Identity Theft and Credit Report Damage Expert Robert F. Brennan to Address Pasadena Women's City Club

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The Pasadena Women's City Club Takes Action to Inform Its Members of the Growing Problem of Identity Theft and Credit Report Damage by Inviting Identity Theft and Credit Report Damage Expert Robert F. Brennan to Address its Members on November 11, 2005.

Identity theft and wrongful credit report damage is a plague for consumers. According to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, there are up to 700,000 identity thefts in the United States each year.

A substantial percentage of the population of the United States will be exposed to an identity theft situation at some point in their lives. Most victims only learn that their identity has been stolen more than 12 months after the initial theft. Identity theft victims report that they spend an average of 175 hours to clear up the many financial and legal issues arising from the theft of their identity.

Credit report problems are also a plague, even without the identity theft problem. U.S. Public Interest Research Group reported in June of 2004 that 79% of credit reports surveyed in a broad study contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind. Many of these mistakes are serious enough as to render affected consumers ineligible for credit.

Identity theft and wrongful credit report damage attorney and expert Robert F. Brennan of Brennan, Wiener & Associates in La Crescenta will address the Pasadena Women’s City Club at 12 noon on November 11, 2005,. about practical steps needed to avoid identity theft and credit report damage and to address it if it happens. The presentation will occur at the Pasadena Women’s City Club luncheon meeting at 160 North Oakland Ave. in Pasadena.

Among the practical bits of advice Mr. Brennan offers to consumers concerned about preserving the integrity of their credit reports:

-Pull your credit reports from all three bureaus at least every 90 days to check the accuracy of the accounts listed.

-If you dispute any inaccurate items on your credit report, do so in writing with certified letters. The online dispute process subjects consumers to binding arbitration instead of a jury trial for errors which go uncorrected, and at least one major bureau now processes all of its disputes electronically, without human eyes ever seeing the dispute information.

-For an identity theft, always file a police report, obtain copies and send to all of the credit bureaus and to all of the affected creditors. Also, fill out an identity theft report on the Federal Trade Commission website,, and be sure to keep a copy.

-All correspondence with the credit bureaus and with the creditors should always be with certified mail, return receipt requested.

Armed with the many tools he provides at his public speaking engagements, Mr. Brennan’s audience members leave with a much better understanding of how to avoid identity theft and how to handle it if it happens.

About Robert F. Brennan: Robert F. Brennan, Esq. and his firm, Brennan, Wiener & Associates, handle identity theft and wrongful credit report damage cases and have a track record of successfully cleaning up credit reports and also of obtaining compensation for their clients. Mr. Brennan is well known for taking this fairly technical area of the law and breaking it down into its simplicity so that anyone can themselves, without the assistance of an attorney, handle identity thefts and also clean up derogatory marks on their credit reports which do not belong there. When consumers find themselves unable to clean up their credit reports on their own, that’s where Brennan, Wiener & Associates steps in, to ensure that the wrongful derogatory credit marks created by identity thieves get cleaned up and to ensure that the consumers so affected receive adequate compensation.

For further information, contact Robert F. Brennan at (818) 249-5291. You can also visit his websites at or


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