The Holidays, A Time To Prepare Pilot Season In The Entertainement Industry. By Helene Goldnadel of International Creative Artists

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International Creative Artists graduates are featured on shows such as ER, Two And A Half Men, Judging Amy etc.

Helene Goldnadel is the owner of International Creative Artists, a post-secondary school licensed in the State of California.

Helene Goldnadel is a public speaker who has given numerous seminars about the acting industry. She speaks about pilot season.

"First thing you want to know is what is a pilot, right?" Says Helene Goldnadel

"It is the very first show of what producers think may become a series. You try to sell 13 episodes to a network and you then hope that it will air and that the public will follow," she said.

"You are of course welcome to check out my pilot called 'Not Quite Right' which I produced and directed. Don't worry, I always plug my stuff durning these seminars, you don't have to watch any of it if you don't want to." (Laughs)

We wish to mention for the reader how important the topic of this seminar is for the Entertainement industry. Indeed January is a very important time, so is April. When pilot season starts a lot of new shows are made in the form of a pilot.

The Holidays are the best time of the year to get trained. The auditionning process slows down at that time and the agents, managers, casting directors that come to Helene Goldnadel's Institution on a weekly basis, (one to three agents every week), take advantage of that time to audition International Creative Artists talent.(It is our understanding that they also come in every week, all year round.)

"That's why we have scholarships, gift certificates, and self-funded payment plans to help our clients get in timely before pilot season", says Helene Goldnadel

Helene Goldnadel then speaks about the International Creative Artists Institution and its teachers:

"It is extremely important that an actor would join an Institution Licensed in the State of California such as International Creative Artists", says Goldnadel

"We are not the only good school, but they are some very bad ones. The franchised schools for instance also also called "finishing schools", JRP (John Robert Powers), Barbizon, John Casablanca etc... While everyone gets accepted into those schools, the promises do not turn into any actual results.

Also it is not my place to tell you what the law is but it would be worth for a potential student to ask the Bureau for Post-secondary schools about it.

"Numerous little places in Orange County offer training without any licensing, and it is my opinion that they are breaking the law.

Such schools will tell you how their unlicensed teachers are all working in the industry, but it turns out that they are extras or stand-ins, that obtained a Screen Actor's Guild card through the voucher system. They are poorly compensated, unlicensed, and not in any way qualified to teach," she said.

Goldnadel continues:

"At International Creative Artists we have teachers that are all licensed in the State of California, and the law says that such teachers have to have worked and taught in the industry for at least three years. Our teachers are actually producters, directors, writers, DPs, camera people, professionals with actual credits in the industry.

"Recently Julian one of our teachers who does work with the good people at ER was able to involve numerous students from one of the courses which he teaches on the show ER.

"Satch P. was one of them. He is a VIP student taking any and all classes in all the curiculums with all the teachers.

"His wife Tanya, is on a full scholarship with International Creative Artists. The producers of the show recently decided to use this beautiful and very talented young lady. I cannot voice enough how wonderful the people of ER are, allowing for a wheel chair bound graduate such as Tanya to work on the show," says Helene Goldnadel.

Finally Helene Goldnadel is asked who has booked work in the film/TV/commercial industry the past few months, and the partial list she gives is quite impressive.

All these jobs were recently booked by our graduates through their talent agents that come in to scout our graduates on a weekly basis as per our placement program.

  • Connor G.: Two national Kodak commercials and a print job.
  • Wyatt Y.: A co-star appearance on Judging Amy.
  • Patrick D.R.: A promo with Comedy Central's Reno 911.
  • Magdalena Zielinska: A guest star appearance with Two and a Half Men and two guest star appearances on Reno 911.
  • Elijah T.: A Baby Einstein commercial.
  • Jolene C.: A Wachovia national commercial.
  • Jackie H.: A Disney national commercial.
  • Madison T: A Tyson chicken commercial.
  • Gunner Washington: An Ebay and a national Capital One commercial.

I retained two major points from Helene Goldnadel's seminar.

A) You are better up dealing with a licensed institution.

B) check out if the talent that are trained somewhere get actual work in the industry within which they received training.

I liked it also when Helene Goldnadel plugged her Holidays gift certificates for potential talent to use if they were accepted, because she mentioned that if the holder of a gift certificate does not get accepted, a full refund is issued to the certificate holder.

Helene Goldnadel finished her presentation by wishing for all the International Creative Artists applicants an unprecedented future, and she said: "Whether you get accepted or not, here, I wish such unprecedented future to each and every one of you in this industry or any industry."


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