PUMGO The Most Unique Sports Gift For This Christmas

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The name PUMGO comes from the words pump-and-go. PUMGO is a unique combinaiton of a bike and skatebord. Invented by Dr. Hui Yan, a research scientist from the Emory University School of Medicine, Pumgo made the idea of a push-free skateboard spring to life. Will PUMGOing become a popular sport? Find out by taking a test ride.

"Think of it as surfing on land.” This simple idea created a new spin on the way people think about ride-on toys. Invented by Dr. Hui Yan, a research scientist from the Emory University School of Medicine, Pumgo made the idea of a push-free skateboard spring to life.

Since its inception, Pumgo has been sold by specialty toy stores like FAO Swartz in the United States, and Tokyo Hands and Nissen in Japan. In the near future, Pumgo will be making its way to the Europe after having passed the required safety and quality tests in United Kingdom.

How does Pumgo work? Its patented 4-Wheel-Drive and all-wheel steering system allow the rider to cruise along with a simple pumping motion, similar to a see-saw. Pumgo is great for hard, flat surfaces and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. Adjustable steering and a detachable brake give riders the freedom to customize Pumgo to make a perfect fit. Kids 7 and up and even parents can enjoy Pumgo. The large wheels and shock springs provide a smooth ride so you don’t have to worry about bumps along the way.

Pumgo is not only a great way to have fun; it’s also an excellent way to get a good work out. The Pumping motion is similar to walking up stairs. Riding Pumgo is a great cardiovascular and leg-muscle workout. Both kids and adults can get outside and have a blast without even having to think about exercise (it’s included!).

Is it hard to learn how to ride Pumgo? Not at all. Most kids learn how to ride in about 5 minutes and no skateboard experience is necessary. In fact the similarities between skateboards and Pumgo are quite limited. Both use the same style of deck (the board itself) and both ride along hard surfaces on four wheels. Beyond that, Pumgo is an entirely new experience.

Despite the simplicity of riding Pumgo, some people still have trouble finding their balance. This problem is easily solved with the Pumgo detachable tether, which attaches to the front of the board and gives new riders something to hold on to while they are familiarizing themselves with Pumgo.

Pumgo has caught the eye of several media sources including CBS News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Time Magazine for Kids, Washington Post and Washington Times. Most recently, Pumgo has been featured in the November edition of Boy’s Life magazine, the official youth magazine of the Boy Scouts of America and will also be featured in the December edition of Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Time Magazine for Kids turned its attention to PUMGO in exclaiming, “Look, Mom. No feet!” Time For Kids hails Pumgo: “You never have to put your foot on the ground to move Land Surf's PUMGO, the world's first push-free skateboard. Just rock back and forth on the board, and off you'll go!”

In the article, “Let’s Go Out and Play”, the Washington Post reports “there was high praise... for the Pumgo Push-Free Cruiser -- no tester had seen a skateboard quite like it… Cole Montgomery, 11, an expert on regular skateboards, found the Pumgo challenging, but soon he and Robin Smith were zooming along smoothly. ‘Cole, I got it,’ said Robin, 11. ‘Just lean forward.’”

Pumgo’s health benefits were commended by the Washington Times in an article entitled, “Toys to get you up and at 'em”. While reviewing new toys that provide a healthy alternative to video games, Pumgo was chosen as the first pick:

“This reporter's favorite? The ‘all skate, no push’ skateboard by Pumgo, of Atlanta, Ga., which one gets going by alternately pumping each end of the board up and down as they ride. It's a good way to exercise the thighs and so easy that even this reporter (who hasn't been on a skateboard in more than 10 years) could do it. Check it out at http://www.pumgo.com.”

Gender: Boys And Girls

Age: 7 and up

To order: https://www.pumgo.com/shop/showDept.asp?dept=17
For retailer: http://www.pumgo.com/Dealers2.html
News: http://www.pumgo.com/News.html

About Land Surf Inc.

Land Surf Inc. is located in Atlanta, GA. Land Surf Inc. owns PUMGO technology and is the only company manufacturing and distributing PUMGO in the world.

Land Surf Inc.

120 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 153

Atlanta, GA 30339-2103




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