World’s First Sex Ed Manual for Parents Available; Early Sex Education Is the Only Solution to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies, STDs

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A Spiritual Psychologist from India finds the solution to the most difficult challenge any parent or guardian face today in a couple of 1925 out of print books. Edits and releases them with new material on the net for the benefit of parents worldwide.

Dr. Amit Jain, Spiritual Psychologist from India has just released his new ebook: “World’s 1st Sex Ed Manual for Parents – How to Raise Sexually Responsible Kids” at

Fact: Children around 4 to 5 years old are becoming curious about sex. Yet even at 14 or later their need for this information about sex do not get fulfilled as a recent research survey for Bliss Magazine revealed – 70% UK teens want more information about love and sex.

The situation in US and other countries is no different. Consider this fact,

“In spite that there are fewer unplanned teenage pregnancies now than there were 10 years ago, One Million American teenagers will still experience an unplanned pregnancy this year, and one in four sexually active teens will still become infected with a sexually transmitted disease(STD).”

We all are aware of the problem since we lived with it. And we all know the solution – early sex education. There is total harmony among experts that sex education should start as early as when a child is about 4-5 years old.

Who will do it that has been a subject of contention. Dr. Jain says, “As parents we are the first teachers of our children appointed by God Himself. Should we leave a subject as important and sensitive as sex for only Schools to handle?”

The problem is that we parents do not know how to talk about sex to our children without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. We parents are afraid that we will say too much, or that we will frighten, or embarrass our children and ourselves when talking about sexuality. The parent’s dilemma has been:

1.    What to tell the child and When? How much to tell?

2.    How to tell without making them lose their innocence and without getting embarrassed?

3.    How to teach them difference between love, romance and sex?

4.    How to canalize their sexual impulses in creative pursuits?

After facing this dilemma himself as a parent, Dr. Jain stumbled on a masterpiece by Mrs. Margaret H. Sanger, “What Every Mother Should Know”. Here was an excellent way to teach small kids about sex without hurting their innocence. After editing the book and adding a lot of new information, putting together 7 books and reports in all, Dr. Jain released it in an ebook form for the benefit of worldwide parents, their children and teenagers as a complete sex education manual, which can be downloaded for immediate reading at

The first book teaches 4-8 year olds about sexuality as a natural part of their existence. The second book talks more about the anatomy and puberty issues faced by pre-teens and teens. Thus in all the 7 books cover all the aspects of sexuality, love and puberty in a progressive manner.

This manual has addressed all the issues faced by parents on this subject, making it very easy to educate the children about sex, love and puberty without feeling embarrassed; instead, it increases the closeness, respect and love between parents and their children.

In addition, Dr. Jain advises the parents, “The more early they will start teaching their kids about sex the lesser embarrassment they will feel. But as the kids grow up and their questions about sex and reproduction are ignored by parents, the kids start thinking that there is something weird about sex that parents want to hide and become more curious about it.”

Nevertheless, for parents with older children – preteens and teens, it's never too late to begin the dialogue and your discussions about sexuality, reproduction and sexual responsibility.

He asks, “Don’t You and I want our children to avoid the mistakes we made when we were young? Knowledge is the only weapon our children have against the dangers of early sex, unsafe sex, infra sex- homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation, porn, AIDS, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, rape, sexual abuse, moral and social degradation. Would you deprive your child of it?”

Editors: For a review copy of the ebook, “World’s 1st Sex Ed Manual for Parents”, more information, or to interview the author, email or call (91) 9312675104.

About Dr. Amit Jain:

The Spiritual Psychologist from Cosmic Care, India. A counselor and an educator, for the past 7-8 years he has been helping people understand sexuality, spirituality and other mind-body health issues. He helps people Unlock their Inner Energy for a richer life inside out.

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