Have You Met Your Time Twin Yet?

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At the very moment that you were born, somewhere in the world chances are that at least one other person was born at that same moment. That person could be just like you -- or they could be completely different because they’re from a different culture and background. Time-Twins.com has been set-up for the world’s Time Twins to register for free and meet each other and explore their similarities and/or differences.

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Do you remember what you were doing when Live Aid took place or when your favourite sports team won a major match? How about during the fairy-tale wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles?

There are certain events that happen in the world that are so significant that we take special note of them. We feel connected to people who share the experiences we do. One of the most important events ever to take place is the moment you were born.

Believe it or not you share that moment in time with thousands of other people. Yes, other people were born on exactly the same day at exactly the same moment as you.

They share that special moment with you and as each of your TimeTwins journey through life, celebrating birthdays together, you all remain connected through the fact of being born at the same moment.

Those people could be just like you -- or they could be completely different because they’re from a different culture and background. Time-Twins.com has been set-up for the world’s TimeTwins to register and meet each other online and explore their similarities and/or differences.

Registration is completely voluntary so they’re not going to trawl through the government databases for everyone’s date and time of birth and then try to sell it to you. If you like it, you go and get involved yourself.

The concept is quite simple and quite unique -- just like one of those things you wish you’d thought of first. When you register, the most important information that you need to submit is the date and time that you were born. “Our database will automatically match you with that person -- or persons -- who was born at the same moment in time as you were” explains Yvan Bamping, a director of Time Twins Ltd.

Now that’s where it starts to get a little tricky. Obviously, in the UK, someone born at 19h32 in London will be registered as born at the same time as someone born at 19h32 in Manchester (on the same day of course). However, what about someone who was born in France or even China!

“No need to worry, the database has got it all organised”, explains Mr Bamping. Taking into account the different time zones and the deviations caused by Daylight Savings time changes, the database will be able to match someone born at 19h32 in London on July 14th with someone born in Paris at 20h32 on July 14th (both Cities are 1 hour apart and both practise daylight savings during summer time – keeping the 1 hour gap).

The same goes for any city in any country anywhere around the world. You can find your TimeTwin no matter where they were born – as long as they register themselves onto the Time-Twins.com database.

It’s not only your TimeTwins that you could meet -- those persons born at the same moment as you were. Time-Twins.com accommodates for meeting your Birthday Twins, too and a couple of other unique matches.

The difference is that your Birthday Twins are slightly more removed from the “same moment” factor. So, your Birthday Twin was born on the same day you were, but probably at a different time (more than 1 hour either side of your time of birth).

There are also Time Buddies – those people who were born within 24 hours of your time of birth, but could easily have been born on a different date. So, if you were born at 23h20 on 14 November, your Time Buddy would have been born perhaps just 2 hours after you but on the 15th November!

What happens when Time-Twins.com sends you that email notification that your Time Twin has just registered? Well, introduce yourself! One of the trickiest things about meeting new people is trying to find some common ground that you both share. That’s already established with your Time Twin, so now it’s for you to discover whether you share any other similar attributes or traits.

“Initial registration is free so that everyone can register to see how many matches they have. Like the school friends reuniting services, you will need to upgrade your free account for just £8 per year to make contact with them” explains Michael Peru, one of the founders of Time Twins.

For more information on the Time Twins concept and related concepts and services, please visit http://www.time-twins.com. For any additional information, please contact Yvan Bamping on 07971 410 501 or email yvan@timetwins.com.

Information: http://www.time-twins.com
Email: yvan@timetwins.com

Phone: +44 7971 410 501

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