New CompAmerica DOLPHIN Notebooks Achieve Longer Battery Life

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CompAmerica's newest DOLPHIN Notebooks "Designed to Rock!", boast 17 and 15.4 inch widescreen “Extreme Video” capability with optional TV Tuners. Based on up to 2.26 INTEL CENTRINO MOBIL PENTIUM M Processors, they offer longer battery life, lighter weight, less noise and less heat, starting at below $1500.

CompAmerica has added to its “Extreme Video” Notebooks three new INTEL CENTRINO MOBIL models that the company says "Rock the Planet!"

The high end unit, known as the Dolphin 5720 Notebook, uses a newly released GPU from NVidia with what some are calling "ungodly fast performance". The GPU, known as the nVidia Go 7800GTX, with 256M of DDR3 VIDEO MEMORY, accomplishes what some high end desktop workstations and most video game consoles can not. Perfect for HD Video playback, High End Cad Cam, and a new field called "Hyper Gaming" says a company brochure.

“These models are the INTEL CENTRINO siblings of our famed 17 inch ORCA 9000 and 15.4 inch 7000 series introduced a year ago. Instead of using the 3.8GHz and other Intel Desktop Pentium 4 CPUs found in ORCA's, our engineering team based the DOLPHINS on the more ‘RISC-like’ INTEL Pentium M CPU with the Sonoma/X series advanced mobil chipset's 533 MHz (versus 400 MHz) front side bus and 2M on-die cache. The choice of moving to the latest INTEL Centrino architecture has more than doubled the anticipated battery life between charges. We also elected to have only a single Hard Disk drive in the DOLPHIN since Mobil Drives now have reached 120 GB in capacity. The ORCA offers up to two. We've kept the DOLPHINS to a single DVRW burner with Lightscribe Label Engraving Technology, versus the ORCA 9000 which offers two such drives as an option,” said company CEO Dr. Jack A. Shulman.

"Where we had two ORCA laptops with advanced Extreme Video, we now also offer these three additional, physically lighter long battery life DOLPHINs with advanced Extreme Video based on Centrino. Customer satisfaction and long, reliabile lifespan is CompAmerica's primary objective. By offering both Desktop and Centrino Mobil models of these EXTREME VIDEO laptop computers, we believe we're quite literally 'Rocking the Planet!'"

Joseph Davenport, a support engineering contractor working for CompAmerica's engineering division indicated: “The resulting package of the high end Dolphin is slimmer (1.8 inches versus 2.5), and lighter (8.3 lbs. versus 11.3 lbs, a full 3 pounds lighter). We've almost equalled the form factor of 15.4" screen laptops, so as to make the unit less bulky than some 17" models. The 5720 leverages its brand new Nvidia Go 7800GTX ‘top of the line’ GPU. That achieves speed that rivals the ORCA 9000 by delivering performance at the highest ends of solid and linear graphics. Yet, it has an anticipated 4.5-hour or longer battery life per charge. And we do offer GLASS VIEW WIDE ANGLE WIDESCREEN technology in WSXGA+ resolution. That kind of screen is crystal clear, extremely bright and behaves almost like a cross between a Plasma monitor and a very high end flat CRT. DVDs play-back on it without the kind of digital artifacts you get from non-GLASS VIEW LCDs and you can virtually view them from about any angle from one side to the other without image distortion."

CompAmerica indicated a Lithium Poly Flat Pack cell was also available for it that can extend time of use by as much as 5 to 10 more hours per charge. The company indicated that the slim, light new laptops had achieved no small miracle in portability, for a line of systems of this caliber and robust a set of features starting at under $1500. The svelt 5620 weighs in at under 6.9 lbs.

"We're starting the petite Dolphin 5600 version at under $1,500 for Holiday buyers. We offering this trimmer 15.4 inch model with an ATI x700 Video GPU, also available for a variation of the DOLPHIN called the Model 5710 for those wishing to save money and still have top notch performance in a 17 inch laptop,” stated Michelle Sontag, a PR representative.

The spokesperson added that the company was offering a first for any new INTEL CENTRINO oriented platform: the DOLPHIN’s Integrated, field installable Digital TV Tuner Option.

Today, CompAmerica is going to be shipping a dual mode Analog TV/Digital TV Tuner for its DOLPHINS and ORCA's. When HDTV is fully ready for general broadcasts to Consumers in 2006, an enhanced HDTV Tuner will follow, say the product brochures.

Why, then, are other vendors so slow to follow CompAmerica into the EXTREME VIDEO laptop field.

"These products are not cheap nor easy to engineer. And frankly, it takes innovations such as GLASS VIEW, which they have difficulty duplicating, as well as our top secret cryogenically enhanced cooling systems which keep the machine running without introducing the pitfalls of high end PC technology, such as 'gate corrosion' in the newest INTEL CPUs, a problem when designers schedule too much current and voltage in the Pentium 4 to max out performance. We are able to accomplish what our competition is not able to because we address the issues in advance with solutions that are cost effective, innovative, life preserving to our component designs and often so subtle that our competitors don't even notice, for example, we've been using environmentally friendly Green Silent Cryosonic Cooling (Green SCS) since early 2003. That fact never even made it to the Press (we weren't talking about it) yet the press has been raving about the products. Awards have been issued to the OEM versions of our product by such as Gaming Magazine, Laptop Magazine and Computer Gaming Magazine. I don't think our competitors even noticed until only recently..." stated Shulman.

"All in all, our newest products lead the industry, they're real 'giant killers'!" stated the Company's President. "Which means we are, as always, leading the bigger brands into this new market of EXTREME VIDEO Centrino Laptops, just as we did with the ORCA 9000. We're as excited about these new products are our customers are!"

CompAmerica maintains two distinct product lines of Laptop product, including the MOBILSTAR line of which the ORCA and DOLPHIN are a part, and the MIB (Mobility in Black) product line which features INTEL CENTRINO only OEM products which address the entry and mid-line of the notebook industry. The lines may be found at

CompAmerica, which was first organized in 1970, is known for its ability to bring innovative new products to market earlier than its competition by leveraging fast prototyping with top notch ISO-9000 quality assurance engineering.

The company is a leading Computer Sales and Service Company with an advanced line of lower priced, higher technology PCs, Laptops and Servers of all kinds.

It's "Branded Product Exchange," offers branded products from over 400 vendors through it's web catalog online store at It's renowned repair centers repair all the brands it sells, plus brands whose products it does not sell, such as Dell, along with phone systems, industrial computers and embedded systems.

CompAmerica maintains a reputation for spotless adherence to the principle that "the customer is always right," placing customers needs and rights before it's own, unlike many big vendors in the industry. CompAmerica has what has been considered the lowest failure and neccessary warranty repair rate in the entire industry.

For more information, please contact the company at 908-931-1200 or the company's Press Office at 908-272-0016.


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