A Great Chance To Become A Movie Star -- Talent Search Seeks To Cast Actors For Filming Of “Las Cruces”

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Star search under way to find candidates for full length feature movie based on popular 2005 novel "Las Cruces," by J.T. Fisher. Film targeted for 2006 production. Unique contest being held to identify talented, motivated male and female actors. Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2006. Winners to be announced by March 31, 2006.

Your chance to become a film star or supporting cast member on a motion picture has arrived. Actors are now being sought for a movie based upon the action adventure novel “Las Cruces,” by J.T. Fisher.

In an exciting new approach to identifying talented and motivated individuals for on screen roles in the movie, which is scheduled for production in 2006, interested individuals are invited to compete for cast openings by demonstrating their motivation, creativity, enthusiasm, and understanding of the story.

How does the contest work?

Though no purchase is necessary, those wishing to participate must first read the book, which is available online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, PublishAmerica.com, or from your favorite bookstore. If you don't want to purchase a copy, then borrow one from a friend or the local library. If the library doesn't stock it, simply request that they obtain it.

Once you've gotten your hands on one, read it cover to cover, then carefully compose and submit in writing, via email, the following:

  • A brief critique (1-3 paragraphs) of what you liked and disliked the book -- to demonstrate that you've read it and understood what it's about

  • A summary specifying which lead or supporting role(s) you feel you would be best suited for, and why you would be the right person
  • A description of any relevant acting/drama experience you might have

Entries should be limited to three typed pages. All entries must be typed. As a strong hint: use a spell-check program before submitting your entry. Neatness and clarity of writing, as well as creativity and persuasiveness, will be taken into consideration.

New faces and personalities are highly welcomed. Prior acting experience will be considered as helpful, but not required. Motivation, enthusiasm, and creativity will be essential. Submission of a photo/headshot (as attachment) is optional.

All entries received will be reviewed and judged by book’s author, J.T. Fisher. The strongest and most compelling entries will be selected to create a Preferred Candidate Pool for casting. All others will be notified by email that their entry has not been selected. Once production planning begins, preferred candidates will be called in for auditions. First priority will be given to filling as many cast positions as possible with the best suited individuals from the Preferred Candidate Pool.


The deadline is for all entries to be received on or before January 31, 2006.

Submissions should be sent in MSWord, Apple, or PDF format to contact email address provided on this press release.

Winners will be contacted by phone or mail - PLEASE PROVIDE THIS CONTACT INFORMATION WITH YOUR ENTRY SUBMISSION - by March 31, 2006.

Caveats and not-so-fine print: No purchase is necessary and no fees are to be paid at any time. However, how you get your hands on a copy is your own business -- no reimbursements will be paid if you choose to purchase the book, or for any expenses you might incur in responding to contest. Furthermore, there can be no guarantee that any film will be made; it will depend on securing adequate production funding and resources. The contest is subject to cancellation in event of sale of film rights to a third party, and shall be null and void in any states restricting such contests. All entries become sole property of J.T. Fisher, and entries will not be returned under any circumstances.

About Las Cruces

Set against the modern day underworld of drugs and drug money, the story moves from staggeringly beautiful Southern California of decades past to sunny Florida, where planes buzz the tropical skies making illicit sojourns to bring drugs into a nation relentlessly hungry for them, in exchange for endless amounts of money. Meanwhile, in New York City, power brokers work to wash the cash, then employ it to steer global business, national economics, and international politics. Jake Reyes and his friend since childhood, Vince Perez, are increasingly directed by life’s inertia down different paths toward failure and success, respectively. Jake heaps problem upon problem, ostensibly for good reasons, but rarely for good results, until he’s entangled in a web of dangerous people on both sides of the law. His foibles pay dividends for Vince, both in tangible rewards as well as in fulfilling Vince’s unspoken lust for rough and tumble adventure. In the end, Jake faces a dangerous “crossing” that could keep him alive and restore value to his life. He has a plan, but his plans have always proven to be sources of problems rather than sources of solutions, so he doesn’t know if he can fully trust himself. Enemies are getting close, and time has run out.

About The Author

J.T. Fisher wrote "Las Cruces," published in July 2005 by PublishAmerica, the fastest growing book publisher in the United States. He is 43 years old, and a member of the esteemed Georgia Writers Association.


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