E! News Reports the Story of Chinese Girl Meeting Tom Cruise

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E! Entertainment Television interviewed Niki Yan, the author of "My love for you, Tom Cruise -- A Desperate Chinese girl's Confession" who was just invited to the set of Mission Impossible 3 by Tom Cruise.

E! Entertainment Television invited Niki Yan, the Chinese girl who just met Tom Cruise to their set to interview her about her new book and her meeting with Cruise. During the televised interview, Niki gave viewers a sneak peek of pictures and excerpts from the book.

"Tom Cruise inspired Niki Yan, a young girl from China to come to America for her own American dream. Niki just wrote a book "My love for you, Tom Cruise -- A Desperate Chinese girl's Confession" to devote the legend who inspired her own 'Top Gun' dream," E! News reports.

"Meeting Cruise was like meeting an old friend! He was so laidback, so fun to talk to, he was laughing the whole time!" Niki tells E! News.

E! also reports that Niki Yan gave a copy of the book and her latest screenplay to Tom, and she expects Cruise star in her latest film. Niki's ultimate dream is working in the film industry as a writer and actress.

When Tom Cruise heard the story of Niki Yan, a Chinese girl who wrote a book about how he inspired her to come to America from a small village in China, he was so moved and he invited her to the set of Mission Impossible III.

"Thank you so much for all these years of inspiration and positive information," said Yan as she was almost in tears when she met Cruise.
The Chinese girl finally met her hero and role model after the movie Top Gun inspired her eight years ago. And this book is devoted to Cruise who changed her life.

"What's about Tom Cruise is so inspiring?" E! News asked Yan. " His positive energy!" Niki says.

The book she wrote is called "My love for you, Tom Cruise - A Desperate Chinese girl's Confession." She is still working on finding a perfect publisher. She has no doubt that it's going to be a bestseller. This book is the perfect expression of Love, Dream, and Hope. It focuses on how Tom Cruise, a super Star with a compassionate heart became the role model of a young talented Chinese girl who came to Los Angeles to pursue hr own American dream. It's funny, insightful, and sincere; touching, original and inspirational. The author reveals her personal story, wrote with passion and unique vision. It's about how one can achieve his/her ultimate dream. It's about miracle. It's about totality possibilities. It's about how impossible can become possible. This book is going to change your life, no matter you are 40 or 14, if you still have a dream, you got read this book.

Niki Yan grew up in a poor village of China, which had no water and electricity. She saw Top Gun by chance at the age of 9. She started to pursue her own American dream since. And it was Cruise who inspired her all the way through.

"Not just because of his movies, but also his positive attitude in real life. He is so determined, he absolutely forged who I am today," continues Yan.

The author of six books, Yan published her first book when she was 13.

"This is just a start," Niki told Tom. "It's always a start," responded Tom. Tom Cruise encouraged her to follow her own American dream.

Call her lucky, call her ambitious, the truth is Niki is achieving her goals. " I don't believe in luck, I believe you create your own luck. My meeting with Cruise is certainly not a coincidence. You do what you can to make your dream come true, so one day when it appears before your eye, you are not surprised. It's almost my destiny to meet Tom in person. I knew I create my own reality, so when the so-called luck fills my own desire, I know where it's coming from. Life is under my control. And I know where exactly the direction goes, cause I intended to. A Lot people told me that I would never meet Tom, and see what happened! Only listen to your own guidance." Niki says.

Tom asked Niki if it's easy to come to America from China. Niki answers: "Well, I told them that I want to see Tom Cruise, so they let me in!" Tom laughed out loud: "Now you are on the set of Mission Impossible 3!"

Niki sent the picture of her and Tom to her Grandma in China who still lives in the small village that Niki grew up. Seven years ago, her grandma was unhappy about her breaking the family rule to search her own Top Gun dream. Now everyone can't wait to meet Tom! "There is a world greater, and there is a sky bluer. And I want to fly in the unlimited sky." Now her dream came true.

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