The Most Controversial Wealth Building System Has Been Exposed; Bob Williams and Brian Garvin Are Under Investigation

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Founders of Robo Riches lost $576,000 and live to tell all. And now that it’s out, they are being investigated by many of the greatest marketers on the net.

Bob Williams and Brian Garvin come out of retirement to show a few how they’ve accumulated wealth in months not years. Just one of the steps has created hundreds of millionaires - and it has nothing to do with MLM, chain letters, no money down real estate, or gifting schemes, which run rampant on the Internet.

“People are under the Internet Ether if they believe a person can go to bed broke tonight and wakeup tomorrow wealthy,” says Bob Williams, CEO of But he goes on to say, “Many of the companies and self-proclaimed gurus prey on peoples desperation to get their money and leave them in a worse position then when they started.”

Brian Garvin is a household name on the Internet. He has developed some of most popular software that is currently used by tens of thousands daily. Over the years he has been considered one of the elite marketers and top producers that has made him a documented millionaire.

Bob Williams came to the Internet five years ago out of desperation. He lost everything in a failed venture capital business and found himself over $465,000 in debt. Shortly, he realized the full power of the net that has brought him over $1 million. Together, they have brought some of the most sought after marketing systems available today.

Over the past two years, they have mastered a system that has created more wealth and prosperity than anything they’ve done in the past. But they kept it under wraps until now. “One of the reasons we decided to bring Robo Riches to some of our subscribers is to allow them the same successes that we’ve enjoyed over the past 24 months,” says Brian Garvin.

The information found in Robo Riches is not for everyone. Some of the techniques used go against traditional thinking. But then again, traditional thinking probably put us in the financial position we’re in today. Robo Riches shows individuals exactly how to eliminate their debt, create excellent credit and retire in 24 months or less.

You can tell they really don’t care who purchases or not. In fact, they state as much. The reality is, they make so much money utilizing what’s in Robo Riches that they don’t need the measly $97 that it cost for the material. They plan on taking it underground very soon so that it doesn’t get too big. They said, “We don’t need the extra attention nor do we want to put our partners under the spotlight.”

They are human and aren’t afraid to admit their mistakes…costly one’s.

The glaring difference between Robo Riches and all the other e-books/programs is that they outline exactly what they’ve done and document it. Then they have the “Million Dollar Alerts” which they send to their subscribers with new wealth building investments that they are currently raking huge profits in. This is worth 10 times the $97 cost alone.

"I really appreciate your honesty in revealing so much about your own personal financial situations, and I can tell this information has come straight from the heart The best part about this program that it focuses on passive income streams which everyone can succeed with, even those without any online marketing experience. RoboRiches is going to help so many people make money online that I can't wait to start promoting it!" says Tony Bhauchu.

Once they have reached a certain amount of subscribers, Robo Riches will be taken off the net and become private only.

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