Center for Global Food Issues Questions Lack of Media Coverage on New Organic Milk Study

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CGFI Research Director Alex Avery releases statement about the most extensive organic milk study to date.

In a statement released today, Center for Global Food Issues Research Director Alex Avery questioned the lack of mainstream media coverage reported on the most extensive organic milk research study every conducted.

He stated, “The largest, longest and most extensive study comparing the nutrition, yield and health of milk and cows of organic versus conventional cows has lifted the lid on the organic milk sham, yet not a single U.S. mainstream media outlet has reported on this research. Why? The results fly in the face of food and editorial writers from such auspicious institutions as the New York Times which has falsely reported that organic milk is healthier or otherwise different from conventionally-produced milk. Independent, scientific, extensive, peer-reviewed and published research covering 3,700 cows in 270 organic herds over a period of twelve years shows the milk to be no better and the same as conventionally produced milk. Further, the research shows that organic cows were lower yielding, less healthy animals which were more prone to infections.

“But the public, fed by black marketing fear campaigns of the multi-billion dollar organic industry supported by false and misleading news reports by mainstream media elites, continues to pay 100% premiums and more for organic dairy products based on the false belief that the milk is safer or different. Where is the outrage? Where are the consumer advocates? Where are the defenders of conventional dairy farmers losing their farms and livelihoods? Where are the trial lawyers? Where is the non-East coast elite media? Sadly, appearing to be in the pockets of the multi-billion dollar organic food industry and anti-agriculture activists, they remain silent.

“Bloggers and others however can help spread the word. Bring visibility and links to this study tied to the term “organic milk” so online consumers can see for themselves. Send letters to your local newspapers and television stations and simply ask that they look into this issue. The public might be offended to learn they’ve been duped; but people deserve to have the opportunity to simply see the facts.

“Milk is milk, period.”

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Avery is the research director for the Hudson Institute’s Center for Global Food Issues; his blog addresses marketing issues in the dairy industry which affect consumers, dairy farmers and processors. To learn more, visit or


Alex Avery

Center for Global Food Issues

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