Kitchen and Bath Products by Stone Forest Continue to Inspire a Sense of Drama and Tranquility

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Stone Forest. One man's passion for the outdoors and its natual beauty, turns into a business that continues to expand and grow in 2006. “The Design Should Never Speak Louder Than The Stone Itself.”

Stone Forest. One man's passion for the outdoors and its natual beauty, turns into a business that continues to expand and grow in 2006. Stone Forest is the creator of authentic stone, bronze, copper and wood products for the bath, kitchen, garden and landscape.

The peaceful quiet of the outdoors, the serenity that comes with walking through nature, these are feelings that are evoked when people experience the beauty and uniqueness of products from Stone Forest. Developed and created by Michael Zimber, Stone Forest opened its doors in 1989 producing Japanese Garden Ornaments, and since then has been rapidly expanding into other areas of the home.

Michael’s goal was to find a way to distill the essence of nature and bring it into a garden or home. Although the Japanese had been making such designs and practicing this technique for hundreds of years, this concept had really never been introduced to America. During the process, Michael Zimber learned two things about the Japanese aesthetic: “Less is more” and “the design should never speak louder than the stone itself.” The latter became the principal value of Stone Forest.

Stone Forest’s trademark element is stone, and they predominantly incorporate stone in each design, which gives products a radiant mass of presence. This dramatic look is not achieved by using man-made materials such as concrete or cast stone. Designs are characterized by an “elegant simplicity” with a thick, dimensional appearance and contrasting textures. Everything Stone Forest makes is hand-carved from single blocks of natural materials such as granite, marble onyx and travertine. Stone is obtained from quarries located around the world, in countries such as Italy, Spain, Norway and Brazil. The result is beautiful, natural pieces, with variations in color and patterns.

Over time, Stone Forest began developing their own contemporary designs built on the same Japanese traditions. They began by instilling the design principals practiced in the garden sculptures and ornaments collections, and started to make products for inside the home. They also developed very unique design transformation using solid blocks of granite and mixing rough chiseled or natural textures with saw cutting and polishing on the stone, to create drama and evoke extreme interest.

In a world of impermanence, the timelessness of hand carved granite

can bring a suggestion of eternity to your home or garden.

The natural materials used by Stone Forest each bring something special to the design. About seven years ago, Stone Forest decided to explore working with other natural minerals that could be incorporated into contemporary Kitchen and Bath designs. However, they wanted to create a new direction for working with these materials, but also stay consistent to the core designs and principals that were already in practice and helped the company achieve its success.

In 1993, Stone Forest created their first counter stone vessel sink for the residential bathroom and went on to complete a new collection for the bathroom. In 1998, Stone Forest introduced the concept to the Kitchen and Bath Industry at K/BIS with a full line of stone vessel sinks. Stone Forest was awarded “Best of Show” for design, and has continued to receive numerous awards and accolades for outstanding design and innovation.

One of the most unique pieces is the Stone Forest Bathtub collection. Each tub is hand carved from single blocks of granite, marble, onyx or travertine. No tub is laminated or cast, and each is a natural vessel, with variations in color and patterns. Another highlight in the collections offered is the Natural Vessel sink, which is carved out of granite boulders that have weathered millions of years. Each one will vary in shape, size and color. Stone Forest also uses other natural elements including copper & bronze, iron and wood – all adding to the beauty and dimension of each product.

Copper and Bronze: First, like all of Stone Forest’s products, their copper sinks are hand-crafted by artisans. They are all fabricated using double-walled copper, for a substantial look and feel. The designs have contrasting textures of 16-gauge copper, foam filled for vibration and noise reduction. And like all other natural elements, copper is a living finish, so it will achieve a patina or “weathered” look with use and exposure to the elements of everyday living.

Iron: Stone Forest designers and artists created pedestals and wash-table bases to compliment many of the sink designs. These structures are hand forged from solid iron.

Wood: In addition to the iron structures, there are a few variations of solid wood bases and console units that are designed to support and compliment the Stone Forest stone and copper collections. These include the vanity washbasin stands and integral sink bases including the Madera Pedestal: a Broncos-inspired pedestal sink crafted from solid timber.

Using all of these natural elements, Stone Forest offers a complete line of garden, kitchen and bath products for the home, each with its own living character and unique elements.

About Stone Forest

Stone Forest uses natural materials to create items that evoke the feeling and tranquility of the outdoors. The company offers collections for landscape and garden, and kitchen and bath, as well as offering a vast selection of interior artifacts. All Stone Forest products are made using a form of a natural element, such as stone and granite, copper, bronze, wood or iron. Each collection combines the elegant simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design. Their trademark of designing with stone truly sets Stone Forest apart other designers. By using a hammer and chisel, the individual character of the rock, as well as the inspiration of the stonecutter lend each sculpture a unique quality. The finished product is a hand-created piece of art, unlike any other. Stone Forest’s collections are the perfect addition to enhance residential, hospitality and commercial properties. Unlike some competitors who buy from importers and never see the product the customer receives, Stone Forest meticulously inspects everything and guarantees all of their work to be the finest carving available in North America. For more information visit or contact DRS and Associates.


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