Voice-Icons: New Elevator Pitch Line for Entrepreneurs and StartUps

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New Voice-Icon service targeted at entrepreneurs and startups looking to capture investor's attention with their solution, personality and passion. The completely hosted service solves a problem for investors also, giving them an opportunity to listen to the words directly from the entrepreneur from any telephone, at any time and from any place.

Invores Systems, Inc. announces a new twist on the old start up company standby – the elevator pitch. A required mantra for a start up seeking the attention of venture capitalists in a newly hot market, the elevator pitch has evolved into something the VC can listen to without you having to find and corner him or her between the 29th floor and the lobby, thanks to Voice-Icon.

Voice-Icon is a service from interactive voice-web software company Invores Systems, which hosts audio elevator pitches for entrepreneurs to use in their marketing efforts with VCs. Voice-Icons can be recorded on a PC, professionally recorded or even just recorded over a telephone. Each Voice-Icon is assigned a unique number, which the entrepreneur can send to a VC along with a toll-free telephone number. The VC calls the toll-free number, says the name of the entrepreneur or company and their Voice-Icon code and immediately gets to listen to the recorded elevator pitch. Listen to a Voice-Icon by calling toll-free 1-877-7MY-ICON (use the name “Elevator Pitch” and the code 8 0 0 0 3 7).

For the VC, it’s an excellent way to screen new ideas efficiently. The main advantage to the entrepreneur is having the opportunity to let the VC hear about their idea, with all the passion and enthusiasm that you just can’t get across in a written summary. The current issue of Business2.0 magazine highlights several VC firms which have “started taking audio pitches” because “entrepreneurs are often more comfortable talking about their businesses than writing about them.”

Using Voice-Icons for elevator pitches is more reliable than just sending a voice file as an attachment to an email because many firewalls will block the attachments, attachments from “unknown” senders are often deleted without opening and you’re limited in your contact to email. With Voice-Icons you can include the Voice-Icon phone number and your code in an email, a “regular” letter, brochure, business card, postcard – the creative options for entrepreneurs to stand out and be heard are almost unlimited.

Voice-Icons work from any regular telephone or cell phone, making them accessible anytime and from anywhere. Behind the Voice-Icon service is sophisticated, patent pending technology that uses the telephone to interact with the internet in real time for information and transaction processing. The Voice-Icon service also relies on VoIP for call handling, although calls to the service can be made from any telephone. “Many companies have taken a wait and see attitude when it comes to VoIP, our attitude is ‘why wait, it works now’; and our customers are reaping real, quantifiable benefits,” comments Dan Evans, Vice President of Engineering.

He continues, “Up to now, most VoIP installations have been focused on the mechanics of making calls work over the internet or on people to people communications. What Invores has done is bring VoIP into the realm of people to business or people to computer communication – a huge step forward not only for the VoIP industry, but for startup and established businesses in general.”

About Invores Systems: Invores is a privately held Long Island, New York based software company that delivers Interactive Voice Web solutions for commercial, government, and service provider organizations. Invores Systems offers a comprehensive suite of licensed software and services designed to automate internet self service over the telephone.


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