CaluTech UV Air Purifier Can Kill Bird Flu (Avian Influenza / Flu)

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A company in Illinois has ultraviolet uv air purifier products with enough germicidal protection to kill Bird Flu should it become an airborne flu virus.

Bird flu is disease found in birds. The H5N1 bird flu in Asia has a hard time spreading person to person like the common flu virus, but according to a leading medical information company it's a leading contender to be the next pandemic flu bug. Nobody says that this bird flu will be the flu that causes the next pandemic for people. Research shows bird flu could in fact change from birds to humans in a couple of different ways. First, if a person was infected with the flu virus and also contracted bird flu at the same time the genes could mix and a human version could than emerge. Second, the bird flu could learn how to spread to humans on its own, the viruses will to survive. Scientists have confirmed that this has already begun, but the bird flu virus is not having lots of success at the present time. This is what happened in 1918 with another bird flu virus that caused a pandemic.

The World Health Organization says they've observed this bird flu virus changing very rapidly, but they also say it hasn't progressed as much as they expected in the last 18 months. The WHO is uncertain whether a pandemic can happen next year, or next week, or at all. They simply suggest continuing with research to prepare. The H5N1 bird flu is resistant to an older class of flu drugs, but remains sensitive to Tamiflu and Relenza.

While all of this is happening around us, CaluTech UV Air Purification in Illinois has been working desperately to find alternative ways to protect against this bird flu virus. "It scares me, I'm afraid for my little guy" said Doug Freitag, one of the specialists working on the project over the summer at CaluTech. "What we were trying to develop to help give an extra sense of protection from bird flu, should it become an airborne spread flu virus, we already had. We found that out during our research. This flu virus dies from ultraviolet germicidal irradiation at 3,400 microwatts under a pure UV-C wavelength of 253.7 nanometers. We've got about 7 times that much power, an easy kill."

UV-C light is germicidal. It destroys DNA & RNA in microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses & mold. It's so effective the U.S. Government requires it in all new buildings. CaluTech's most popular system, called the 'Blue', produces 24,000 microwatts of UV-C radiation. The system mounts in the air duct in an average 10 or 15 minutes and sterilizes the air as it recirculates through the HVAC system. Adding this air sterilization system in homes and business buildings can greatly reduce the chance of infection should bird flu become a human to human airborne flu illness.

About the CaluTech Product

The Blue UV air system is certified to U.S. & Canadian Standards, used in homes in every state & Canada, even overseas. When the United Nations chose CaluTech for UV air purification over many other companies the competition took notice of this small company just outside of Chicago. Today the company has distribution points in Illinois, Georgia, New York and New Jersey as well as many overseas clients. Recently Saudi Arabia starting using their systems for sterile air within the Kingdom of Bahrain. CaluTech is committed to offering advanced air purification systems to the general public to improve the air we breathe and reduce the risks of infection from various microbes in our daily environments.


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