Company Forevergreen on a Mission Standing in the Drift

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ForeverGreen is a large body of people doing small, random acts of kindness, who make a big difference. Big or small, every action counts.

What does it mean to be "standing in the drift"?

"Standing in the drift" refers to standing for the things you want most for humanity in spite of the direction in which the world may be moving. The drift is all the things that could prevent you from accomplishing what you want. Turn on the television and you see war, murder, drugs, hate. Like all currents, it flows downhill to the darkest capacities of the human spirit. For all companies, this drift is a constant tug towards corruption, fraud and dog-eat-dog ethics. Forevergreen

We're not kicking and screaming when we find ourselves drifting downward towards spiritual oblivion. It is quite comfortable, for nothing other than the fact that we have so much company drifting along with us. But how irresponsible is that? Safety in numbers is an illusion on this raging river.

Because the drift is so encompassing, some may feel overwhelmed, even insignificant by the thought of standing alone.

ForeverGreen is for those ready to finally stand firmly in the drift, as one body, among many, standing firm, cleaving the waters, creating a ripple that will spread across the entire planet. They refuse to move.

ForeverGreen is a large body of people doing small, random acts of kindness, who make a big difference. Big or small, every action counts.

The vision:

transforming the world by transforming people

Before ForeverGreen ever existed as a company, it began as a vision held by a single man. He saw potential in the industry beyond simple health and financial transformation. He believed that within the industry was also the power for personal transformation. Putting the focus on the betterment of humanity.

ThatÕs when he started thinking about chocolate. From all over the world, scientific studies from respected organizations were revealing that chocolate, long considered an indulgence, was actually something closer to an essential. In the summer of 2003, this discovery, along with that of other transformative products, became the basis for a network marketing business with the power to reach the heights of the original vision.

The executive team then poured all of their knowledge and passion into establishing ForeverGreen, a world-class network marketing business dedicated to positive transformation, not just in the checkbook, but in the body, in the mind, and in the spirit. ForeverGreen is transforming, with the original vision transforming into a reality every day.

The Leadership -- Setting the standard for personal transformation and community contribution.

ForeverGreen's executive team does more than direct the company's mission of transformation. They embody it. Across various disciplines, they rose to the top of their fields, before coming together to create a business with more potential for positive transformation than any other company before.

Ron Williams—President, CEO, Founder

Known for his outstanding success in helping establish and expand several of the industry's premier businesses, Ron Williams is the central figure in the ForeverGreen story. Ron has been a leader and innovator in the industry and has had a vast career that spans more than 17 years. He began in this industry in the 1980's as a distributor in Nu Skin and later learned the trade and business with them. He then went on to Neways from 1992 to 1997 and became their worldwide V.P. of Sales and Marketing. During 1997 and 1998 he was the Senior Executive at Young Living Essential Oils and later started Whole Living/Brain Garden, a publicly traded company, in November of 1998 where he served as their President, CEO and founder. He has helped develop and open more than 25 countries and assisted in the success of over 3 million distributors worldwide. He has had the great honor of dictating every move of his professional career.

ForeverGreen was born when, after a brief retirement, Ron began exploring the health-related strengths of chocolate combined with life-transforming concepts. Ron's focus on unique, fun and pleasurable products have led to the development of 100 percent certified organic chocolate products and the EarthTribe Farmacy - a never before seen all natural health and wellness line. His strengths as a successful and seasoned network marketing executive, combined with his passion for helping people engage in life-transforming processes and personal contributions to humanity were the catalyst in creating ForeverGreen's vision - "Standing in the Drift."

Craig Smith—General Manager

Craig Smith was raised in an entrepreneurial environment, having his first business at age nine. Craig has his Bachelor's degree from BYU as well as his Masters in Administration. He is an author, instructor, and motivational speaker, giving presentations in the majority of the 50 states. He has generous experience in MLM, wearing hats from customer service to training, to operations to management in three different companies. His greatest love is his wife and three children.

Robert Reitz—VP Finance/Controller

Robert brings a wealth of successful MLM experience. Robert helped lead one of the most successful entries of a US company into the Japan MLM market and speaks fluent Japanese. Robert also has extensive experience working with Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other international markets. Robert has an MBA from the prestigious NYU Stern School. Robert is responsible for commissions, finance, accounting, payroll, reporting, and inventory control.

Brenda Huang—VP Marketing/International Sales

Born and raised in Taiwan, Brenda immigrated to the United States in March of 2000. Prior to her MLM business experience, she was the Sales Manager for a Taiwanese based computer company specializing in Multimedia products having clients across the world including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. Because of the nature of the business, she accumulated extended experience in international business ethics, and international sales and marketing. After her success in the high tech industry, she was recruited by Morinda Inc. and hired as the Sales Manager for the Morinda Taiwan Branch. With success in Morinda Taiwan, Brenda was transferred to the Morinda Hong Kong Branch where she was the Operations Manager. Brenda's experience includes corporate operations, training, sales/marketing and customer service. She speaks fluent Mandarin and is well-versed in Japanese, Cantonese and Taiwanese. Her state of the art MLM vision helps create the marketing strategy that best serves the distributor's needs.

Jerry Gray—VP Operations & Product Development

A former professional body builder, Jerry is an avid supporter of nutritional supplementation in the diet. He has extensive knowledge of effective nutritional and personal care formulations, and will ensure that our product line contains only the purest and most effective ingredients available. As VP of operations and product development Jerry brings with him years of experience working in the MLM industry with various companies to oversee and manage quality control, packaging, inventory, warehousing, logistics and shipping. In his spare time Jerry enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons.

Stony Tanner—VP Sales

Stony began his networking career at an early age and was involved in recruiting and sales organizations at the age of 18. He studied pre law with a minor in marketing and went on to build his first multinational sales organization at the age of 25. He has spent the last 20 years involved in the Network Marketing industry as a consultant as well as an executive and has helped create explosive growth within startup corporations. He is a committed father and enjoys spending time with his family.

Ben Allen—Director, Creative Services

Ben brings much creativity and artistic ability to the company. With specialized education, talent, and experience designing for domestic and international markets, Ben heads the Creative Services department. He is responsible for the development and completion of product artwork, marketing materials, promotional items and communication materials for the company. His family life is very important to him and he is very proud of his wife, two boys, and his baby girl.

Annie Hone—Director, Customer Service

Annie Hone was raised in a family of 13, having a love for people and work. Annie started her MLM experience twenty years ago going from order entry to customer service in her first week. She has accomplished skills in training, and management. She's managed commissions for a world wide data base that included Russia, which experienced enormous sales growth. She enjoys customer service today at ForeverGreen and she intends to see every distributor succeed.

Create a higher standard of focus, serving humanity one person at a time. Health is the doorway to kindness... Kindness is health... ForeverGreen is a way of being.

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