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Share Article your number one resource for Stacks Poker, sat down with the CEO of and asked him a few questions. your number one resource for Stacks Poker, sat down with the CEO of and asked him a few questions.

Ok, thanks Tom for taking the time to do this. Here we go

(SPO)Questions asked by
(TN)=Tom Newton


(TN) Thomas Newton

(SPO)Ok first question, What is your Poker related history?

(TN)Started playing poker like many do; in college. I had a strong mathematics background, and poker peaked my interest the first time a friend showed me a video he had purchased of the 1998 World Series of Poker when Scotty Nguyen won. I was instantly interested and wanted to learn more about the game. I began searching online for a place to practice and learn the game. I found Paradise Poker, at the time the largest site on the net, and began to play there. When I found Paradise Poker I was intrigued by the business of poker and gaming in general, and could see the growth potential, yet when I looked around the net at the various sites, I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the products, but I greatly admired the entrepreneurial spirit shown by all of the sites that began popping up, in particular Party Poker.

(SPO) How often do you get to play poker?

(TN) I haven’t been in a cash game since the 2005 WSOP because we’ve been so busy getting the product ready for launch. That said, I play with our software regularly.

(SPO) Any good poker stories?

(TN) Our first big gaming conference was this year at the 2005 GIGSE (Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo). Party Poker hosted the opening night reception, and hosted a large poker tournament which was free to enter for the various executives that attended. One of my partners and I entered the tournament in our shirts (bright orange of course) hoping to gain some attention. By the end of the night we had beaten the lot, taken home first and second place, and $7500 courtesy of Party Gaming. It was an all heads up finish. By the end of the night, everyone was curious to know more about

(SPO) Why did you choose to invest in the Poker Market?

(TN) We chose to invest in the poker market because we saw a tremendous opportunity to improve on an already successful product by applying current ‘3D video game’ technologies to the interface, and utilizing cutting edge rapid development strategies to ensure that our product has the ability to rapidly evolve. This strategy allows to create a significant advantage in a market where many operators do not have exclusive deals with their software providers, or own their own software. Controlling our own product and being able to create significant differentiators through technical innovation and design position for success.

(SPO) In your opinion, why should a player choose over other sites?

(TN) Players in the market have been playing the same tired software for years now. Our product brings in new features and an entirely new set of technologies to the online poker market. By playing at, you are telling us that you want to see change through technical innovation in the online poker market. You want a better online poker experience, period. We have worked very hard to develop a product that lays the ground work for what will evolve into the ultimate online poker site. Stacks is being built as a franchise similar in nature to the great video game titles released by the major game development studios. By playing at and referring other new players you will have the opportunity to interact with the development team on an intimate level. Through surveys and direct focused interaction, the player’s voice will be heard and the product will evolve based on the players input. We very much want to be the “Players Site” and believe we are uniquely situated in the market to accomplish this. We control our own software and have developed that software strategically to allow us to continue to improve and enhance the product faster than our competitors, and more quickly than customers in the market are used to.

The product we are releasing will be a big step for online poker, but only the first step for

(SPO) StacksPoker’s 3d technology is truly revolutionary, why did you choose to go this way with your company?

(TN) Utilizing true 3D technologies allows us to create a more immersive experience for our customers. The market is large enough at this point that a good portion of players have hardware to support a more advanced interface and we chose to be the company to provide it.

That said, we do not underestimate the status-quo right now in the market. Our 2D traditional interface is attractive for a number of reasons.

(you can find screenshots of the ground breaking technology here

(SPO) Other than the 3d Technology, what will stacks offer that you are most excited about?

(TN) I’ll give you one which I think everyone will like, found both in the 2D client and the 3D. We have eliminated the need for the “Tournament Lobby”. Both our 2D and 3D table interfaces feature new tournament information tabs, which keep you instantly up to date with a full leader board, tournament statistics, and a real-time tournament clock.

(SPO) Where is the Stacks Poker headquarters located?

(TN) is incorporated/headquartered in Aruba.

(SPO) What are your goals for

(TN) Our goal is simple:

To provide the online poker player with the best product and experience, period.

(SPO) Thank you so much for your time

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