New Online Directory Bridges Gap Between Online Authors and Website Owners

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A new online directory addresses both the increasing need for viable outlets for authors to freely post their written material online and for website owners seeking free, genuine content for their websites to meet the increasing demands of today’s online readers. ( is a new online directory focused on addressing both the increasing need for viable outlets for authors to freely post their written material online and for website owners seeking free, genuine content for their websites to meet the increasing demands of today’s online readers.

Andre Best, owner of states "Even with the massive changes on the Internet during the last several years two aspects of the web remained constant and will always stay constant. One, the foundation of the Internet is the interlinking of websites - this won't change. And, two, the World Wide Web was originally developed for the purpose of relaying information, or in today's language - 'content', and this need also has not wavered over the years."

As the owner of several successful websites of diverse topics, Mr. Best knows how much of a challenge it can be for website owners to develop the proper linking to one's site so as to generate sufficient incoming traffic, and also to be able to provide valid and useful content, usually in substantially large quantities via hundreds or thousands of webpages, for a website’s visitors and information seekers.

According to Mr. Best, the three most common solutions to these issues is for website owners to either pay for incoming links, barter with other website owners for reciprocal links, or to obtain content by paying ghost writers to write webpage content for them. But, Mr. Best states "... (these) solutions can be costly both financially, and time-wise, and for most non-diligent website owners the results obtained are usually very limited."

This apparent crux is what became the impetus for the development of as a free online article directory. Through usage of both online writers and website owners will be able to bridge the gap between, respectably, getting readers of their written material and free, valid content to include in their website.

Successful search engine optimization experts tout that in today's online environment website promotion is successful because of several sequential steps occurring naturally online. That is, increased website content creates more search engine indexing opportunities, which results in more opportunities for organic search engine traffic. More search engine traffic leads to more online popularity and subsequently, increased viral online linking. This increased linking to a website results in more perceived relevancy by the search engines and, again, higher organic search engine listings. And, finally, these higher listings lead to more traffic, and the cycle continues.

As an added benefit, when a webmaster takes advantage of this natural website/search engine cycling by adding genuine content to their website beside justified monetization avenues, they have a valid opportunity to profit from their website and their targeted traffic -- without having to resort to the 'in-your-face' sales style common with so many of today's websites.

“Another benefit of using the services of,” as expressed by Mr. Best, “is that by us allowing authors to include a link to their website in all material submitted, a valid, transparent, and free one-way linking relationship is created between an author and every website owner who uses that written material as content on their website. And by using the written articles obtained from a website owner is provided with free, original content for their website with the only evident stipulation on their website being the retention of the link included in the article by its author. Essentially, a true win-win-win relationship is born.”

Mr. Best describes this relationship as: firstly, the article author wins through obtaining more links to her site, and perhaps even more traffic from the publishers website; secondly, the website owner, or publisher, obtains more valid content for her website which is positively viewed by the search engines; lastly, visitors to the publisher’s website are provided with useable content to read, enjoy, and use.

The Internet is ripe for the type of beneficial service provides through bridging the gap between online authors and website owners. Quite simply, the original intent of the Internet is genuinely fulfilled in every aspect through using an article directory such as and the free service it provides to article writers and website owners/publishers alike.

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