Spyware: Its Hidden Agenda

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The constant bombardment of spyware related material affects internet privacy. Spyware has a hidden agenda. Spyware can be stopped.

We have all heard about spyware. Spyware is regularly featured in various news media and is a topic of much discussion in computer circles. The reason for this is the constant bombardment of spyware related material, that infiltrates computer systems. Spyware has a hidden agenda.

The Internet is loaded with information on every conceivable subject. There are ebooks, software, photos, file sharing and a host of giveaways that are very enticing to computer users, especially those that have a hobby or special interest. The desire to take advantage of the vast internet resources and to download files or to share files, photos, software etc. is growing at a very fast pace. Advertisers and marketing specialists are aware of this trend and they focus their attention on providing online surfers with software, ebooks and other giveaways that cater to individual interests. These “Giveaways” are the “Passage way” used by promotional companies to get entry into the internet users computer.

Spyware “Piggybacks” on very innocent and legitimate looking file downloads. It can be likened to a passport that allows a person to enter a country, only in this case it is to enter an individuals computer, without the user fully understanding the implications of such file downloads.

Spyware introduced into a computer system loves the environment. It has gained entrance into the system and feeds on the information the system contains. Its prying eyes feasts on the “Goings on” and learns all of the habits, interests, chats, discussions and shares this information with its buddies on the other side of the internet line. Who are its buddies? You guessed right, it is the promotional companies. This approach enables promotional companies to become fully aware of peoples interests, needs and desires. In turn, they will direct their wares to the individuals whose system was infiltrated by spyware.

People treasure privacy, be it at home or on the internet. It is easy to enjoy privacy at home, it is not as easy to enjoy computer privacy. A Loss of privacy on the internet can bring about numerous hardships, financial losses and of course can lead to identity theft.

People linked to the internet need to install spyware removal software. Spyware software will enable a scan, of all the files on ones computer and allow for the removal, of unwanted files, that pose a risk to privacy.

Julian Pereira enjoys the internet and has devoted his attention on computer privacy issues and spyware in particular. His website can be viewed at http://www.Deletespyware.net


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