Magic is Everywhere…So is TV; Magick.TV Begins Broadcasting on 11:11

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Magick TV begins broadcasting over the Internet today providing Metaphysical programs for the Internet generation. Can Magick TV do for television what podcasting did for radio?

On Nov. 11th, Magick.TV broadcasts its première show -- Pagan Nightly News. Created to allow the new Video-Capable Ipod, handheld devices, PCs, and even web-based television sets to receive the latest in metaphysical news and entertainment. Magick TV continues the evolution of television. From being the entertainment and information mainstay of American homes in the late 20th century, television has now become freed from broadcast signals, allowing unlimited choices, extreme portability, and global reach. Magick TV is the latest and newest media supplier of content for this amazing new trend in the merger of television and computers.

Magick TV will cover all subjects that deal with body, mind and spirit. Created to provide information, its première show is Pagan Nightly News. Other shows will include the Zener Project (a look at telepathy and psychic phenomena), Children of the Internet (teenage hosts discussing matters important to teens), special reports, and other shows as demanded and created.

“Magick TV is the among the first of small broadcasters to use the internet to reach audiences too small for the revenue hungry large Broadcasting Networks,” says Jason Mycroft, Development Team Leader. He adds,“This format will do for video and television what podcasting did for radio. Besides it’s really a lot of fun.”

The website will allow people to download these shows, which average between three and 15 minutes each, to whatever electronic viewer they desire, including PCs and even the New Video-Capable Ipod. Magick.TV is flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing nature of the World Wide Web.

Magick TV is brought to you by Telepathic Media, a New Media Company, founded in 1998. Telepathic Media created the successful Daily Spell Ezine and With Magick.TV they are working to create a world where everything you ever wanted to know is just a thought away.

Magick is everywhere…So is TV. Check out Magick.TV today at

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