PodcastBunker.com Rejects Internet’s Number One Tax Podcast

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PodcastBunker.com, one of Time Magazine's 50 Coolest Websites of 2005, discriminates against Internet's Number 1 Tax Podcast - TaxMama's TaxQuips.

PodcastBunker.com’s directory accepts only the highest quality podcasts. Bruce Chandley is so fussy, and provides such great information about podcasting, that he earned a coveted spot on Time Magazine’s list of the 50 Coolest Websites of 2005.

With nearly 2 million Yahoo results, TaxMama’s TaxQuips broadcast is consistently the number one tax podcast. TaxMama’s Eva Rosenberg is an enrolled agent licensed to represent taxpayers before IRS. TaxMama has achieved this level of popularity precisely because Rosenberg is able to express complicated tax concepts in terms anyone can understand.

Actually, Chandley loved the content – but flatly rejected the broadcast quality.

And TaxMama is glad he did.

Due to PodcastBunker.com’s rejection, Rosenberg was compelled to improve the sound quality of the recordings. After having already devoted a year to a fruitless search of the mazes of Internet audio tools and information, TaxMama was already overwhelmed with an excess of information. Rosenberg said, “I boldly face IRS agents, the whole Internal Revenue Code, even Treasury men with guns, but this stuff - this reduces me to tears.” Attempting to bring it all under control, TaxMama asked Bruce Chandley to help her fix her audio tools and to teach her to use the tools herself.

Bruce Chandley, who has spent 15 years in radio, has become one of the top experts at serving online audio material during the last 5 years. In the process, he’s become quite adept with audio tools, file compressions, megahertzes megabits, MP3s and all those terms totally alien to a TaxMama. In less than an hour, including lots of bonding time, Chandley was able to teach this audio novice exactly how to make TaxMama’s TaxQuips sound great.

Listen, you can hear the difference:

Now - http://www.asktaxmama.com/podcast/

Before - http://www.asktaxmama.com/podcast/index.php?id=65

The new sound is so good, that the very next day, she got this astonishing note from Aldo Castañeda, iPodder.org’s Business Editor.

"How do you get such excellent sound quality in your recordings? Any special tips you might provide? Or are they trade secrets?"

PodcastBunker’s Bruce Chandley is TaxMama’s secret. Without him, her devoted fans would still be straining to hear the faint whispers of her old broadcasts.

With everyone and his infant creating another podcast, it’s hard to hear past the noise. PodcastBunker.com is the one clear channel online, where only the best are to be found.

And TaxMama yearned to be among the best.

In fact, Chandley has actually assembled such a wealth of great sound, that PodcastBunker.com should be the first stop for any radio station looking for broadcast-quality features, without having to invest their own development time and resources.

In fact, PodcastBunker.com has such great taste that Chandley has just added TaxMama’s Tax Quips to the List.

So now, TaxMama is inviting everyone to tune in and pay less tax. TaxMama’s daily TaxQuips are free, painless, informative and even fun.



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