Vayu Publishing Releases 'The Bird Flu Handbook: What Is Avian Influenza, And What Do We Need To Know To Be Prepared For A Pandemic?'

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Vayu Publishing announces the release of their second book, titled The Bird Flu Handbook: What Is Avian Influenza, And What Do We Need To Know To Be Prepared For A Pandemic?, which provides current information and research from the WHO, CDC, USDA, and other Government Agencies, compiled in one convenient, concise, and easy to use resource guide.

The Bird Flu Handbook: What Is Avian Influenza, And What Do We Need To Know To Be Prepared For A Pandemic? is the new title to be published and released under the Vayu Publishing brand. Written and compiled by Manoj Kunda and Ward Lin, this is a very timely book that achieves Vayu Publishing’s mission statement of publishing books in an expeditious fashion, with a focus on the important current events or topics of the moment that consumers want to be informed about.

Written in a convenient, concise, and easy to read format, The Bird Flu Handbook is an excellent resource guide that provides extremely valuable and up to date information concerning one of the most serious issues in the global news today…Avian Influenza, or Bird Flu, and the impending threat of a worldwide pandemic that could cost millions of lives and cripple the global economy.

The Bird Flu Handbook was compiled using extensive current information and research obtained from many of the U.S. Government Agencies that have had significant experience in dealing with viruses, pandemics, and similar crisis issues and, therefore, are able to inform us of what we need to know to prepare ourselves.

To highlight the importance of this issue, President Bush has announced $7.1 billion in emergency funding in order to prepare our country for a possible pandemic. The U.S. Government is right to be concerned, and so should we, considering that the Bird Flu has already spread to birds in 16 countries, while infecting 121 people and killing 62 people, according to the World Health Organization.

Anyone who has read the newspapers, or watches the news, and wants to learn more about this potential crisis will find The Bird Flu Handbook to be an extremely valuable resource. Among the issues covered in the book are: information about avian influenza (what it is, and how it spreads); information about influenza pandemics and what we can do to help protect ourselves; how influenza is spread from animal to human, and human to human; and a very extensive chapter answering the most commonly asked questions about avian influenza.

Especially susceptible to avian influenza are the elderly, children, and anyone with a weak immune system. The Bird Flu Handbook could prove to be a valuable addition to your library, and could help you to take the necessary precautions should the need arise.

In addition, the complete Table of Contents will be made available on Vayu Publishing’s web site to any interested party who wants to get a better understanding of the type of content available in the book.


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