Men's Sexual Health Center Releases Survey Results for Male Masturbation Frequency

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A voting poll gives some insight as to the number of times males masturbate in a week.

A voting poll survey on the site of
Men's Sexual Health gives some insight as to the number of times males masturbate in a week.

1735 men who took the survey were presented the question: "How many times do you masturbate per week?"

  • The items they checked off showed in the results as follows:

None ========= 1.9%

Once in awhile=7.7%

1-3 times ==== 26.5%

4-7 times ==== 36.7%

8-15 times === 18.6%

16-21 times == 4%

More than 21 = 4.6%

Masturbation is the deliberate stimulation of one's own genitals to achieve sexual arousal for sensual pleasure and orgasms. It is done at least occasionally by a majority of both men and women. In one recent national survey study, 95 percent of men and 89 percent of women reported having masturbated. It is the first overt self gratification sexual act for the majority of men and women, although more women than men engage in sexual intercourse before they ever start masturbating.

Masturbation is natural and harmless expression of sexuality in men and a perfectly good way to experience sexual stimulation and pleasure. In fact, some experts argue that masturbating improves sexual health by increasing an individual's understanding of his or her own body and of what is erotically pleasing, building self-confidence and fostering self-acceptance.

Contrary to ancient myths, fable and popular beliefs, male masturbating does not:

Lead to unbridled lust

Make you blind

Make you deaf

Give you the flu

Drive you crazy (only with sexual pleasure)

Grow hair on your hand

Get a disease (only if hand in contact with partner's STD semen or vaginal fluids)

Kill you


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