Holiday Wine Giving Tips and The Best Wine Gift of 2006

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The holidays are here again. Three easy rules to make your wine gift a hit at the party and the number one wine gift for 2006 is named.

Gifts, like it or not, says something about the giver, so make it special. Will your host recognize the bottle as the most heavily promoted wine from the tallest most well positioned tower of wine at a local liquor store? Or will the bottle stand out as something new with a taste to be remembered. While there is no one right wine gift the simple guidelines below greatly improve the chances your wine gift is a success.

Number one, make your wine a special gift. Merriam Webster defines special as “distinguished by some unusual quality; especially: being in some way superior.” Let’s be honest, liquor stores are confined to their distributors choices in wine which are largely based on shelf movement and profit margin. Yes, there are some great wines at your liquor store but most online wine shops specialize in rare or unique wines, not wanting to compete directly with your local liquor store. So, increase the chances of the originality of your gift by simply using Internet wines shops.

Number two, know something about the wine you’re giving. This is an opportunity to introduce others and yourself to something new. Parties are great occasions to both try new wines and discuss their attributes. So, read up a little on the wine in order to have more to contribute. Wine gifts will likely be appreciated much more if it is accompanied with some information regarding its bouquet, color, flavor, and finish. A great wine can easily fade into the background in a holiday party atmosphere so prompt a little discussion.

Number three, and on a less serious note, find a wine with a label that shows you know your host. Besides being fun and taking away the aura of pretentiousness, your wine gift will stand out even before its opened. This might sound like too much work- but with so many wine choices out there it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The label may represent a friends’ interest in travel, art, nature, hobbies, or even politics.

A good wine gift like any other good gift requires a little more research and planning. So if buying from the Internet buy now because some states require three-tier shipping which means your wine purchase must first go to a state licensed wholesaler or distributor before being shipped to the final destination. This affects the buyer in delayed shipping time. Below is our favorite wine gift for the 2006 holiday season and it meets the rules above.

Our favorite gift this season is The Party Wine’s 2001 Republican and Democrat Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, a particularly good year for Cabs in that region (2 different labels, same wine). These wines make an excellent selection for both lovers of wine and those with strong political views. Here are your tasting notes. This Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon boasts aromas of cherry, berry, tobacco and cassis. It’s full-bodied, has superb structure, intense fruit and cocoa flavors, and lingering silky finish. More information regarding Democrat and Rebublican wines can be found at the Party Wine's website Cheers and happy holidays.

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