New Weapon in War Against Sleep Deprivation

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Breathe Free introduces the latest weapon in the battle against sleep deprivation caused by snoring.

Sleep deprivation has reached epidemic proportions around the globe and one of its leading causes is habitual snoring. Though most may not be consciously aware of their snoring turbulence, upwards of 100 snore-related restless mini awakenings each night are quite common and disrupt deep sleep required for rest and rejuvenation. As well, every family member within ear-shot of “2nd Hand Snoring” have become victims of sleep deprivation which has been linked to all kinds of health risks ranging from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Snoring has become an “equal opportunity” discomfort and health risk.

For years, snoring was the center of many jokes, however, snoring is no laughing matter. Many injuries and fatalities have been linked to sleep deprivation as more people begin to suffer the effects of shortened periods of sleep because of snoring. For most people snoring is not a medical issue. For others who are told that they continually “gasp for breath” -- a visit to a medical professional is advised.

Simple snoring and associated issues has become increasingly common in women as they approach 60 years of age. Though there are many snoring related products on the market, till recently, few have offered sustained relief. With the market growing exponentially, retailers are rapidly making available new snore-relief options on the shelf space in their sleep-aid or cough and cold sections. Snoring-related products are a multi-million dollar per year business and considerably larger in dollar sales if one were to include transactions made over the web every day, in addition to sales generated by other media.

Breathe Free has recently introduced a break-through product which promises to be the newest and most effective weapon in the war against sleep deprivation caused by snoring. Breathe Free is a disposable, plastic nose dilator introduced by Mayan Laboratories, LLC in Commack, New York. The first ever daily disposable throw-away internal nasal dilator Breathe Free relieves snoring by reducing nasal air flow resistance and promotes easier breathing in any sleeping position.

More than 20,000 retailers from coast to coast have stocked their shelves with Breathe Free disposable nasal dilators. National television advertising is scheduled for last quarter 2005 and designed to continue the momentum of converting snoring related sleep deprived customers into happy snore-free households. Retailers are hailing this nasal device as a growing addition to their cadre of new, safe and drug-free products that can improve consumer health while boosting retail store sales.

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