Sex, Surf and Sunburn...My Life inside Club Med

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A tell all book written by a scuba instructor working in a high energy Caribbean resort, Club Med Turkoise. The women, the parties, the unexpected tragedies of life in paradise are all brought to life through the authors eyes. If you've ever come home from vacation and sat wondering what they are doing in paradise this week without me, this book answers the question.

V.J Mochel had a short career with a resort industry giant, Club Med. During that time one question followed him week to week with each new group of guests that arrived; “What’s it like to work here?”

Sex, Surf and Sunburn…My Life inside Club Med is the one book that answers that question. Available at Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

Sex, Surf and Sunburn is a month by month account of what it is like to be a G.O. Gentil Organisateur or Gracious Host is the term used by the club not only for the staff but to describe their overall job as well. Each person is hired for two reasons; the first being their area of expertise and the second to be a friend to the guest while they are on holiday. For thirteen months he chronicled life on the island. Everything from clashes with management to his lovers is written in detail. The humor and drama concealed behind a job that consisted of sixteen-hour days, six days a week was enough to break anyone but when the tragic loss of both a guest and fellow staff member occurred with-in weeks of each other it was more than he could handle. One final violent confrontation with another staff member lead to the end of his too short career with club.    

V.J. Mochel wrote Sex, Surf and Sunburn for two reasons; the guilt of everything he did wrong still haunts him today and will for a long time to come. The story had to be told in detail for all those that were curious and never saw the whole picture. “I’ve been contacted by several “ex-G.O’s” like myself who I never met, never worked with or had even been in the same resort I worked at. They all said the same thing no matter what language they spoke, I hit the nail on the head. They could all relate to at least some of the stories and it brought back a lot of memories both good and bad.” With so many people from around the world agreeing, Sex Surf and Sunburn is the book that not only tells one man’s story but speaks for decades of employees.

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