UN Control of the Internet Would Be a Global Catastrophe

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Joe Klein, author of GLOBAL DECEPTION: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom, warns of taxation, regulation of Internet usage.

This week in Tunisa, the most important engine for economic growth and personal liberty since the invention of the printing press -- the Internet -- is under attack by the UN. On the agenda at the “World Summit on the Information Society” is nothing less than an attempt to wrest control of day-to-day management of the Internet from the U.S. in favor of some undefined “global governing forum.”

The upshot? According to Joe Klein, the author of GLOBAL DECEPTION: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom (World Ahead; hardcover; $25.95; ISBN 0974670146), “Anyone who values the Internet’s role in world commerce and communication should be afraid.” Very afraid.

“Despite Kofi Annan’s doubletalk, this isn’t just about moving the technical responsibility for assigning domain names and IP addresses from ICANN to some UN agency,” says Klein. “Among other things, UN bureaucrats and their unelected NGO minions want to literally tax Internet usage so they can finance their dubious programs -- and impose them globally -- safe from public oversight. These programs are often antithetical, if not downright in opposition to, what’s best for the U.S. as determined by our elected officials.”

In fact, the Internet is free from taxes imposed by our own government -- one of the reasons it's taken off. But the UN wants to tax and regulate your every usage so that, in the words of Kofi Annan’s predecessor, the UN can liberate itself from being “under the financial will of the member states.” Free, in other words, to operate without member state oversight. Free to make activities like the “Oil-for-food,” peacekeeper sexual assault and whistleblower retribution scandals permanently funded features of the UN’s already lackadaisical operation.

As GLOBAL DECEPTION: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom documents in chilling detail, the UN is already hard at work manipulating our legal and educational systems to meet some unelected committee’s idea of “global norms of good behavior.” And what is the Internet’s open exchange of information, ideas and products but a threat to the imposition of such “norms?”

As Joe Klein points out, “The so-called Working Group on Internet Governance includes some of the most repressive societies on earth, including Cuba, Iran and China -- countries that work overtime to keep free ideas from entering their borders. They want not just to regulate Internet content, but to politicize it by cutting off access to countries that don’t adhere to their policies. Add to that the beliefs of Nitin Desai, the chairman of the Working Group, who seeks nothing short of ‘global interventions in the market,’ and you have a recipe for economic and intellectual disaster.”

Continues Klein, “The status quo works. The fact that ICANN is depoliticized and impartial has contributed exponentially to the Internet’s growth. To turn control of the Internet over to the UN in any form would be nothing short of insanity.”

So what should we make of the “World Summit on Internet Governance?” It’s just another example of the UN co-opting high-minded global forums on topics of widespread concern and turning them into instruments that they can manipulate.

Joe Klein notes, “Ambassador David Gross, the US coordinator for international communications policy, has stated unequivocally that the U.S. will not agree to the UN taking over the management of the Internet. As shown in GLOBAL DECEPTION, however, the U.S. has a bad habit of approving treaties and agreements for show, only to have them bite us down the road. We can only hope that the Bush administration sticks to its guns on this topic.”

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