Sheeler Sets Sights on U.S. Senate Seat for 'Underrepresented' Rhode Islanders

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Carl Sheeler has set out to take back Lincoln Chaffee's (R) Senate seat. The “back-to-basics” Democrat is running a campaign fueled by grassroots ambitions, not big contributions.

Carl Sheeler bridges traditional gaps and reaches back to the future to mount a new-style, old-fashioned campaign for the United States Senate seat in Rhode Island. Former U.S. Marine, entrepreneur and educator, Sheeler threw his hat in the ring to try to win back America for the ordinary folks George Bush and the Republicans have callously pushed aside in their quest for personal fortunes in the name of public service.

The current administration has "gutted the American Dream," Sheeler said at a rally announcing his candidacy. "The late Democratic icon Paul Wellstone made it his mission to rebuild the system. I will too."

Sheeler quite simply is what politicians of late have not been. He's served in the Marines, unlike the "Chicken Hawks" who have sent troops to die. He is a business leader who has chosen public service and the social good over the obscene greed of the grasping, rapacious business lobby. And he's an intellectual with a doctorate in an environment where people are expected to stop aspiring and not think critically.

Sheeler is even what Democrats of late have not been. He's tough, confident and articulates clear positions without apology. Sheeler is a throwback to the blue-collar coalition Democrats of the 1970s and earlier. His convictions resonate with ordinary Rhode Islanders, which will likely carry him to a stunning victory in the Democratic primary. He is also a rising star of the blog world, creating a word-of-mouth buzz not seen since Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

"Government is to provide for the common good, not access and influence," Sheeler said. "No Child Left Behind has become No Contributor Left Behind."

Among the declared policy positions aimed at speaking the truth rather than speaking convenient falsehoods, Sheeler is running on a platform that:

·    Values the lives of US Armed Forces members too much to send them to battle without clear goals and an exit strategy;

·    Seeks universal health care so a weakened Medicare and Medicaid is no longer an issue for our most vulnerable – the elderly and our grandkids and kids;

·    Rolls back Republican tax cuts of the super-wealthy to relieve the burdens that have been put squarely on the backs of states, cities and property owners freeing funds to reinvest in our communities’ education, youth and senior centers, police and fire rescue as well as small businesses;

·    Shows that campaign finance reform is essential to allow grassroots movements to put up a fight against the well funded schemes of the Republican establishment;

·    Demonstrates Democrats have a clear, majority constituency and a principled message that unites the underrepresented regardless of gender, race, age or religion;

·    Brings leadership skills and personal integrity back to politics starting with accountability of the oil industry and the restoring of viable energy and foreign policies that protect our values in people and our environment.

“We already know that Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and Matt Brown (D), my primary opponents, come from privileged backgrounds with campaign contribution from wealthy interests whose agenda often does not parallel that of every day Americans. Leadership begins with the guts to restore integrity to the political process," Sheeler said. "Organized people can overcome organized money."

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