Meeting Tom Cruise Helps Chinese Writer Fulfill her American Dream

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"Everyone has their own way to go to heaven, and my way is writing," says Niki Yan, who dreams of merging two different cultures through her new book, "My Love For You, Tom Cruise - A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession."

Niki Yan, the author of "My Love For You, Tom Cruise - A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession," says her mission in America is to help others to understand the differences, eventually embrace and merge the differences.

"I dare to say that my meeting with Tom Cruise is the Eastern Culture meets the west. Actually it's beyond that. It's the merge of the two cultures. Tom has a good understanding about Chinese culture. He knew the history of China and Asia. We talked a lot about history, culture, humanity, and human civilization," says Yan, a well-known writer/poet from China.

As a writer, Yan feels that she has a lot mission and obligation. She cares about humanity, just like Tom Cruise. And she says that Tom gave her the sense of responsibility.

"There are a lot natural disasters happening now in the world, a lot people dying each day, we don't want to see people suffer, we don't want to see people dying, do we? All we need is love, and I believe a lot natural disasters are human made, like Hurricane Katrina. If we send love to the troubled areas, the disasters will be reduced to the minimum. It's about humanity. We are the world, we are the future, we are one big family, well, I guess the bottom line is to care about people, if you care, you will send love. Me and Tom, we both care about people and the world, we want to see people do good."

"Tom knew my hometown Xi'an is over seven thousands years old, and it's the oldest city in China and one of the four oldest cities in the world. He told me that it's the capital of 14 dynasties, including Tang dynasty; it was the richest city in the world at the time. He also mentioned that the Silk Road started in Xi'an, and the world famous Terra-cotta Warriors. He must have done a lot study and read a lot books."Yan was impressed about Tom Cruise's knowledge about Eastern Civilization.

"He (Tom) is not just an actor, he is a communicator, an inspirational speaker and intelligent teacher. He cares about people and humanity. He is a beautiful person, very knowledgeable, very talented. It's amazing that you could have such a deep conversation with someone you just met."

Yan says Cruise is like her soul mate, someone she can communicate with on a deep level. Yan lived in Xi'an, the oldest city in China and that ancient culture and civilization influenced her; at the mean time, Yan read a lot western philosopher and writers as well since she was a teenager; like Pluto, Nietzsche, Hemingway, Emily Dickinson, Henry Miller, Whitney, and Alan Ginsburg.

Niki loves Great Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King. "I was moved every time when I listen to "I have a dream" speech. I have a dream too. Actually two dreams, one is sending positive messages through my film as a writer and actress, the other is to merge the two cultures as a communicator." Yan also loved to listen Bob Dylan and Rolling Stone, Presley and the Beatles. "I have two cultures in me. It's just fascinating to see how western people see the world. I love to learn, and I am always interested in new things. When I was in China, I tried my best to absorb the cream of American spirit."

Yan has a broad vision and a deep understanding about the people and the world. And she admits that it's Tom Cruise that gave her the motivation to learn and challenge. "He is the source of my writing and creation. Basically he opened the windows of the great American minds and spirits for me."

"As a human, we are always trying to search new things to fill our soul, to transcend ourselves, and absorb new info to beyond the limitation. Eventually to reach the ultimate liberation and freedom. The two cultures gave me the key to open the door of the spiritual heaven." Yan is always learning and improving her life, "that's why I am a writer, that's why I came to America, that's why I want to do films, and bring the two civilizations together. Tom is such a person, on the essence we share the same strength".

Yan says her mission in America is to help others to understand the differences, eventually embrace and merge the differences.

Yan loves great Americans, Yan loves American spirit, Yan loves her Eastern root too. "It's ancient and wise. Sometime, I really could hear the voice behind the ancient city walls of Xi'an from 2000 years ago." Just like anything else, the Ancient civilization has its limitation. There are still a lot people in China live in poverty, especially in the countryside. A lot kids have no money to go to school. A lot people still live in ignorance. Niki says life is a thousand times harder for a kid in China than America. And she hopes that she can bridge the two cultures, bring support and understanding, love and communication, acceptance and compassion to the both sides of the world. "My second dream is to merge the two civilizations besides writing and acting in Hollywood." Yan says.

Before Niki moved to Xi'an, she was living in a poor village. "I was lucky. Eventually I was out. Cause I had a spiritual leader (Tom Cruise). But most kids now are still starving and have no opportunity to find their way out."

Niki was lucky. Tom Cruise influenced and inspired her as a writer and human, his spirit, Niki says represents American spirit, which is open, adventurous and optimistic. "A great writer is not just national, it's international, it's beyond culture and country. Like Tom says, he likes to do movies that deal with universal topics, that's my mission too."

Yan is the most influential writer in Modern China. The author of six books. Yan published her first book when she was 13. Her latest work "My Love For You, Tom Cruise - A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession" is an inspirational mixture of humor, fantasy, and genuine emotion. She is currently working on the publishing.

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