DIMENSION 5 Announces Ad2Hand Wireless Advertising Service

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Ad2Hand to provide valuable advertising solution for shoppers, merchants, mobile network operators, and enterprise networks.

DIMENSION 5, a leading innovator of mobile messaging and data visualization solutions, today announced the launch of Ad2Hand, a new information and advertising service for consumers and providers of goods and services. Ad2Hand delivers highly targeted advertising directly to a subscriber’s mobile phone.

Ad2Hand is capable of distributing content globally, as well as local proximity–based content. This feature is sure to make it a popular choice for storeowners, superstore chains, cafés, fast-food establishments, upscale restaurants, gas stations, cinemas, and many others.

The Ad2Hand Local service broadcasts from a store or from locations available to the merchant or group of merchants (kiosks, entrance hall, advert stands over a shopping area, key corridors, or even places like parking lots, rest rooms or lavatory). The local Ad2Hand servers run on common personal computers allowing store managers to easily setup and maintain their own local ad servers.

Ad2Hand’s location-based advertising solution can help retailers increase customer traffic by delivering targeted information that always meets each customer’s customized preferences.

The advertising messages arrive as full color images, short videos, or audio files. Coupled with the “right place at the right time” nature of location-aware advertising, Ad2Hand offers a rich and powerful multimedia experience.

One common scenario for Ad2Hand Local service would be if a shopper walks through a shopping mall, their Ad2Hand-enabled phone will silently scan all of the mall’s stores for current offers. Once detected, the phone will instantly alert the shopper to offers, allowing them to take advantage of the available bargains.

Using Ad2Hand’s customizable filters, the shopper’s phone delivers only the ads they want. These powerful filters ensure that shoppers never get offers for items in which they have no interest. For example, a shopper will never receive “cosmetics” ads if they do not opt-in to that category.

Ad2Hand Global service is suitable for brands with national or international business. This service distributes global advertising via the Ad2Hand web servers and is capable of sending media-rich content to users across the globe.

Ad2Hand technology is also suitable for implementation on an enterprise network. While there may be no need to distribute commercial advertisements in this environment, enterprises can easily build messaging applications that will improve the performance of the entire organization.

“Ad2Hand is about communication and the exchange of targeted messages between shops and customers,” says Dusan Toman, CEO of DIMENSION 5. “Ad2Hand’s innovative technology ushers in a new era of advertising for all types of retailers, business services, and business models.”

Ad2Hand also provides mobile network providers with a new asset for obtaining and retaining subscribers. Ad2Hand will enhance providers’ service portfolios by offering their subscribers with targeted, media-rich advertising content. Their subscribers will appreciate Ad2Hand’s powerful filters, allowing them to view only ads they want to see.

“There are huge segments of cellular subscribers who dream on either lower bills, or gifts or even for free calls. Ad2Hand pushes these dreams closer to reality.” says Toman. “Mobile network providers will find Ad2Hand to be a vital part in evolving their business.”

With Ad2Hand on board, mobile providers will be able to create new business relationships with storeowners, superstore chains, cafés, fast-food establishments, upscale restaurants, gas stations, cinemas, and many others. Toman adds “All of these potential business partners will be eager to offer the customized, targeted, and low cost location-based and global advertising Ad2Hand provides.”

Developed using DIMENSION 5’s proprietary software technology, Ad2Hand is now available to businesses around the world. Ad2Hand provides access to the latest state-of-the-art advertising technologies. This low cost service also opens the door to smaller retailers who previously could not afford traditional advertising.

For more information, call +421 33 7331101 or visit http://www.ad2hand.com.


DIMENSION 5 is a leading innovator of mobile messaging and data visualization solutions. DIMENSION 5 provides business and science technologies for advanced mobile device messaging and tracking, data analysis, visualization, sonification, and speech. Headquartered in Slovakia, DIMENSION 5 is a privately owned company founded in 1995, and has grown and expanded into international markets.

DIMENSION 5 currently maintains the following websites:

http://www.ad2hand.com and http://www.miner3D.com


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