The Nightmare Encyclopedia Offers Insight into Our Darkest Dreams

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New dream interpretation book explores the darker side of sleeping; including nightmares in pop culture and art, the psychological and paranormal side of dreaming, and interpretation and analysis.

Everyone dreams, and everyone can recall a nightmare that shook them to their core. The Nightmare Encyclopedia: Your Darkest Dreams Interpreted explores the influence nightmares have had in literature, art, music, and film; the psychological and physiological theories behind sleep and dreaming; and hundreds of interpretations to common nightmare images such as fire, battles, drowning, being chased, and many others.

"Though not everyone remembers their dreams, nightmares we don’t forget so easily," said Jeff Belanger, co-author of The Nightmare Encyclopedia. "All dreams have a message we can use to better understand our lives, but nightmares have a message that demands immediate attention. Nightmares have influenced us all, from artists to politicians, athletes to military leaders, and each of us can learn to better understand and interpret our own dreams."

Many of the world's traditional societies are taught that our souls leave our bodies and travel to other realms when we dream, so nightmares could be the result of getting lost in one of dreamland’s bad neighborhoods. Some cultures believe that demons can attack and rape human beings in their sleep. Modern psychologists tend to view nightmares as repressed conflicts that return from our unconscious to haunt us in our dreams. We all have questions, and oftentimes our own dreams can give some answers.

About The Nightmare Encyclopedia

The Nightmare Encyclopedia: Your Darkest Dreams Interpreted by Jeff Belanger and Kirsten Dalley (ISBN: 1-56414-762-2, pages: 357, price: $19.99) is published by New Page Books ( The book features over 400 entries covering the meanings of bad dreams in various cultures and belief systems, symbols, pop culture influences, and a spotlight on the nightmares of people interviewed by the author and the meanings of those dreams. The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and many other booksellers.

About the Authors

Jeff Belanger has been fascinated with exploring the unexplained aspects of our lives since childhood when he was first introduced to the subject of ghosts and the supernatural in the old New England town he grew up in. Since then, he’s been studying the subjects that border on the fringe of the human experience. In 1999 he launched as a repository for his writings on the unexplained. The site has since grown to become the largest paranormal community on the Web, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Belanger is also the author of The World's Most Haunted Places: From the Secret Files of and Communicating With the Dead: Reach Beyond the Grave, and is the editor and compiler of The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places: Ghostly Locales from Around the World. Jeff is a regular guest on many regional and national radio programs, has lectured across the United States on the unexplained, and has been featured on television programs about the paranormal. Kirsten Dalley is a writer and editor at an independent publisher.


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