Kabbalah, The Ancient -- And Until Recently Secret -- Teachings of The Mystical Interpretation of Judaism Intrigues Spiritual-Seeking People of All Faiths

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The pursuit of this deeply meaningful aspect of the Bible is fast-entering the cultural mainstream as celebrities including Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears embrace its divine inspiration.

Rabbi David Aaron is a Kabbalistic master, a translator of the sacred secrets of Kabbalah into modern everyday language. Kabbalah is not a religion or an independent tradition; rather it is an integral part of the divine revelation communicated to the prophet Moses and recorded in the Bible. The Kabbalah reveals the basic truths at the core of our existence, empowering us to discover our purpose, awaken our passion for life and tap into the unlimited resource of power. The Kabbalah sheds light on the seemingly unanswerable questions of our lives, such as: Who is G-d and what does He want from us? What is secret to happiness? How do we achieve fulfillment? How do we find true love? Why is there evil and suffering in the world? What is our ultimate purpose here on Earth?

Rabbi David Aaron, author of Endless Light, Seeing G-d and The Secret Life of G-d, is one of the most popular and accessible teachers of Kabbalah. In his first audio-only program, KABBALAH WORKS (Gildan Audio; 5 CDs/approx. 4 hours; $19.98 US/$26.98 Canada), he shares the timeless teachings of the Kabbalah which had been kept secret for millennia. Listeners of all faiths are inspired and transformed by the profundity and clarity of this divine wisdom.    

According to Rabbi Aaron: “‘Kabbalah’ literally means ‘receptivity.’ Indeed, it is the art of learning to receive. For example: when you are offered a gift, do not take it; instead, make of yourself a space that can receive it. Kabbalah is not only about getting more out of life; it is about receiving life as a gift. It is about the art of receiving life’s gifts of love, spiritual growth, awareness, creativity, freedom, inner peace, happiness, and holiness.”

Speaking with the warmth, humor and inimitable style that draw sell-out crowds to his seminars and retreats, Rabbi Aaron makes the powerful wisdom of the Kabbalah vital, practical and accessible. He reveals how the teachings of the Kabbalah can guide modern-day listeners to lives of purpose, passion and power, and speaks about the issues that listeners care about, including:                         

  • How Beliefs Make or Break Our Lives
  • The Transformational Joy of Self-Awareness
  • Connecting To The Divine
  • The Power of Service
  • The Gift of Eternal Life, and more.

In KABBALAH WORKS, Rabbi Aaron shares his insights from and interpretations of the mystical wellspring of Kabbalah and reveals how to illuminate your life, embrace a mature connection to G-d, and discover the path to a more fulfilling, purposeful life.


Rabbi David Aaron is visionary, writer and educator, and founder and dean of Isralight (http://www.Isralight.com) an international organization with centers and programs in Israel and throughout North America offering retreats, seminars, spiritual week-end getaways, intensive growth workshops, leadership training, trips and missions to Israel.         

Rabbi Aaron believes that the spiritual basics of life are the most profound and yet most neglected in contemporary education. For the past 18 years, he has dedicated himself to sharing the ancient wisdom of Torah and Jewish mysticism and inspiring others to embrace a joyous life-long process of personal transformation, empowerment and love. Established in 1986, his international organization, Isralight, is committed to facilitating a worldwide renaissance in consciousness by inviting a return to the spiritual roots and core values that should be the essence of daily living.         

A son of a Holocaust survivor, Rabbi Aaron has struggled since a very early age to understand the world’s potential for hatred and paradoxical yearning for meaning, love and creativity. His own spiritual journey led him to Israel, where he studied Torah and Jewish mysticism under the tutelage of the great masters including HaGoan Rav Shlomo Fischer Shlita. He received his rabbinical ordination in 1979 from the Israel Torah Research Institute (ITRI).

A popular speaker and frequent guest on radio and TV, he has appeared on national television programs including Larry King Live and E! Entertainment Television. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Chana, and their seven children.

He is the author of several books including the best-selling: Endless Light: The Ancient Path of the Kabbalah to Love, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Power; Seeing G-d: Ten Life-Changing Lessons of the Kabbalah; and The Secret Life of G-d: Discovering the Divine Within You. More information is available on the author’s web site: http://www.RabbiDavidAaron.com.


It’s not just celebrities Diane Ladd, Roseanne, Madonna, Kirk Douglas, and Jeff Goldblum. All types of people, Jews and non-Jews alike, are being drawn to Kabbalah. Aaron offers a simplified application of the esoteric teachings to modern situations. —The Washington Post

Inspirational, wise, warm and witty… David Aaron gives us a down to earth understanding of the Kabbalah, revealing the secrets to living a soulful, happy, and more meaningful life. — Bestselling author Dr. Deepak Chopra

I have had the privilege of studying on a weekly basis with Rabbi David Aaron. His inspiration and wisdom shed new light on the oldest secrets of all. —The Honorable Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel

David Aaron is a wise, compassionate, brilliant teacher who uses irony, paradox, and gentle humor to reveal the deepest, ultimate teaching of Jewish mysticism, a truth that is hidden in the core of consciousness. It is simple and simultaneously profound; a secret that can transform lives. —Rabbi David A. Cooper, author of God Is a Verb


KABBALAH WORKS: Secrets for Purposeful Living

Author: Rabbi David Aaron

ISBN: 1-59659-024-6

Price: $19.98 US ($26.98 Canada) / 5 CDs approximately 4 hours

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