Andy Andrews' 'Socks' Warms the Holiday Heart

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From Country Comedian To The Modern Day Will Rogers, Andy Andrews tells stories that change lives. His new book, "Socks for Christmas," is a moving holiday classic, destined to be read at the Christmas hearth of America for centuries to come.

A nineteen year old boy finds himself alone in the world after the death of his parents. One bad decision after another and this young man becomes homeless, even before "homeless" was a phrase coined to describe someone who slept under bridges. One good decision, led to reading a plethora of books about successful people. The common denominators of these great and admired people became abundantly clear. They had seven decisions that had made them who they had become in the world. That young man was Andy Andrews, who began to apply these principles to his life, and everything began to change.

For many years, Andy Andrews and his wonderful gift of humorous country gab, became a staple of The Nashville Network's popular TV series, Nashville Now, with the legendary Ralph Emery. His folksy talks and quick laugh won the world of country music viewers. This is the Andy Andrews I knew.

So, when I saw a copy of the book, "The Traveler's Gift" in the bestseller section of the local bookstore, I smiled, but I didn't buy one. I walked by thinking, "Good for him, Andy now fancies himself a writer."

Then, Good Morning America started touting "Traveler's Gift" as a must-read. I still didn't buy a copy. But I did begin to wonder if Andy was in fact, the Andy Andrews of my memory. I just couldn't put the phrase 'must-read' with the bumpkin humor I knew from his ten years on TNN.

About a year later, a friend and I were in the home of her cousin, who was moved to tears about the power of a book she'd read. It had changed her so much, she'd sent it to her son who was in prison. Her son was a good boy, who'd been in the clutches of a drug problem. The book had affected him so much, that she'd written to the author. The author, in turn, had sent her a case of autographed copies, to share with the other inmates. The prison had not allowed this contraband in great number to be distributed as planned, so now she had a case of books and had been sharing this incredible literary find with all those she felt would appreciate such a wonderful gift. She walked to the bookshelf to retrieve one for us. With a brilliant smile, laced with tears, she handed us the prize. It was that book that had been chasing me at every turn. It was "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews. Even at that, I was not the first to read it.

My friend, who has an unquenchable thirst for great literature, began to read our gift. She began to say, "You are going to love this book!" at regular intervals throughout her reading.

Then, a month later, when faced with a plane ride, I grabbed the book. It would be light reading, I was sure, considering it was written by a country comedian.

From the very first page I was sucked into the world of David Ponder, the traveler. I could not even look up from the pages. I devoured this 'light literature' and ended in tears, wanting for more. This book was written by an enlightened soul who had found the secrets of the universe and simply related them in a sweet, yet life changing form.

The more I have found out about Andy Andrews, the more I have become a fan. His storytelling has garnered the description, "Modern Day Will Rogers" and corporate speaking engagements with Microsoft, AIG, and others among the world's largest companies. I cannot seem to get enough of the simple stories with deep life changing meanings. His website has led me to a collection of fifty or more products available with wholesome, sweet ways to make my life better.

His most recent book, a gift book for the holiday season, is called "Socks for Christmas". With the book, comes a lovely CD of Andy Andrews sharing his own tale of childhood Christmas in the voice of the consummate storyteller. As I drove and listened to “Socks”, well before the first holly or tinsel was hung on the mantel, I was transported to Christmas in my heart. I began to relive my own holidays past, and then before I could help myself, I was moved to tears with the conclusion of this beautiful story. I have decided that socks will be in every gift package this holiday with a copy of Andy Andrew's book.

His national PBS TV special will air on stations across the country next month, featuring the Seven Decisions that have become a mantra for the people he's touched with his writing and speaking. He's not a motivational speaker by trade. Andy Andrews is a motivational speaker, by heart. He shares his own life as honestly, candidly, and joyfully as he's lived. It is that truth that is changing the world, one story at a time. Andy Andrews IS the modern day Will Rogers, and I never met a man that didn't like him...once they shared one of his stories.

--"Socks for Christmas" and Andy Andrews' writing, reviewed by Devon O'Day, host of the nationally syndicated Country Hitmakers, and The Driver Audio Magazine. She is also a published author and noted music/publication reviewer.

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