Doctor Quits Her Job and Starts Working for Free; Now Offers Free Family Wealth Newsletter 'Promoting Family Goals & Developing Family Life-Wealth!'

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“I am passionate about helping families develop goals and build multi-faceted wealth together,” says Total Wealth Academy Founder, Dr. Noel K. Marshall. After 30 years, Dr. Marshall is taking down her shingle as a Speech Pathologist - a specialist in human development and communication. In its place, she’s hanging out a shingle aimed at “Total Wealth” for families. To that end, she is publishing a free family-friendly newsletter aimed at improving multiple dimensions of wealth: spiritual, emotional, physical as well as financial:

Dr. Marshall's story is a little different than most. She grew up the seventh of fifteen children and says she knows the insecurity of not knowing where the next meal is coming from. Marshall overcame this obstacle and spent a career as a caregiver. But the families she sees today, frankly, scare her.

“Over the course of my career working as a therapist in hospitals, I’ve dealt with families in crises. I always did a good job as a member of the therapy team. But the families I am dealing with now have – for the most part – become increasingly unstable.

“When a family member ends up at my door for treatment, I am always asked, ‘How long before my loved one is back to normal?’ That was always a tricky question to answer. In recent years, however, I decided to tell the truth. . .

“It’s not about how I treat your loved one – the secret is how the family works together for recovery and growth. What is this family’s true wealth? What resources do they have?

“For example, some families adopt the 'dump-off' mentality of treatment and recovery. I’ve brought him/her here – now you fix them. For years, I slaved under this pressure.

“But now I answer their question in a different way. I want to find out if this going to be a ‘dump-off’ or a ‘jump-off’ type of family. Meaning: is the family willing to ‘jump-off’ and become part of the treatment team? Will this family work together to heal and grow?

“Once I came to this realization, we produced much better treatment results. Most of the families I challenged this way agreed to ‘step-up-to-the-plate’ and participate.”

Dr. Marshall’s reports her experience as a human communication specialist taught her something else. “The vast majority of many families don’t know how to take the first step in helping one another. Our families are in crisis – bankrupt in many ways. My mission is to offer a baby-step approach to organizing and strengthening fundamentals and enriching a family’s life-wealth.”

The goal of her new “treatment” is to help families: (1) recognize that there are multiple dimensions of wealth and (2) how to enrich all aspects of their family’s wealth and lifestyle.

“I will be offering a down-to-earth, practical approach, to teach habits that will enrich all aspects of family’s life wealth: spiritual, emotional, physical and financial. I have enlisted a team of experts who will write, answer and help problem solve everyday issues that form the foundation of growth and ‘multi-dimensional’ family wealth.”

This free family-friendly newsletter is available at: Affiliates with family-friendly products are welcome to collaborate. Home of the Total Wealth Academy: “Promoting Family Goals & Developing Family Life-Wealth!”


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