RevitaMed's Pulsed Infrared/red Light Therapy (PILT)- Revolutionizing the Way the Neuropathic Community Receives Care... and Changing Lives

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RevitaMed ( is one of the industry leaders of infrared therapy devices. Clinical and field studies have shown RevitaMed to help restore protective sensation, relieve pain, and aid in the recovery of chronic wounds.

Throughout the past several decades a growing epidemic known as neuropathy has affected the lives of millions. Until recently there was little that could be done to help this suffering community. Patients would undergo an onslaught of therapies, topicals, and medications often experiencing little or no relief. It was not until recently that a new hope emerged. Over the past several years, infrared therapy has shown to succeed where countless other treatments have failed and given new hope to those suffering from this would-be debilitating disease.

On the market for over two years now, RevitaMed is revolutionizing the industry. Providing effective, safe, and affordable home units, as well as THE preferred professional systems, RevitaMed is still looking at product improvements to better service both professionals and patients. RevitaMed's continued efforts to provide the most advanced, efficient, and cost-effective infrared therapy devices on the market have made them an industry leader that has the potential to change the lives of millions and be looked upon as one of the most innovative medical products of it's time.

While recognized by the FDA for increasing circulation and relieving pain, clinical and field studies have demonstrated RevitaMed to do so much more. Being used most commonly to treat the symptoms of neuropathy; loss of sensation, pain, chronic wounds, and an increased risk of chronic falls, infrared therapy has also found a home in the field of sports medicine. From strains, sprains, pulls, and bruises, RevitaMed has shown to expedite recovery time.

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