2005 Excellence in Holography Awards Demonstrate the Industry’s Innovation Worldwide

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The first annual Holo-pack•Holo-print conference and trade show to be held in Asia, from November 6-8 in Shenzhen, China, attracted over 260 participants, the highest ever attendees in the event’s 16 year history.

For the 13th consecutive year, the International Hologram Manufacturers Association has given Excellence in Holography awards to outstanding holographic projects for the year. Sponsored by the industry newsletter Holography News, these awards were presented at the gala dinner of the annual holographic industry conference Holo-pack•Holo-print, held this year in Shenzhen, China, on November 7 for hologram products or techniques introduced over the past year which represent the best in the industry for innovation and commercial potential.

The Best of the Year Award went to HoloTouch, Atlantex and Holographics North for BeamOne, a holographic user interface for control boards such as keypads and pinpads used in ATMs, kiosks and medical equipment. The interface provides a ‘virtual’ keyboard with the keys appearing to float in mid air, although the keys can still be activated by passing a finger through them. BeamOne was also the winner of the Best New Product category.

The winner in the Security/Authentication category was Hologram Industries for the new Slovakian passport, the personalisation page of which is protected by the company’s combined DID (Diffractive Image Device) - a zero order diffractive feature - and its high security Alphagram. This is the first application for the feature, and is applied as a thin film HRI laminate. Commended was Beijing Sanyou for telephone cards for China Mobile, in which holography is used in three different ways – as a full surface transparent laminate on one side, as a holographic scratch-off panel on the other and also as metallised patches on the clear wraps use to pack the cards – to enhance both security and brand impact.

Winners in the Packaging category were Pt Pura Barutama and PT Bintang of Indonesia for the anti-counterfeiting device used on the packaging of Extra Joss powdered energy drinks, comprising a demetallised holographic stripe applied to the inside of the existing OPP wrapping and micro-laser perforation alongside for ease of opening. Commended in this category were holographic paper manufacturer Vacumet along with Seneca Printing and Wavefront for the visually stunning holographic box sets of the board game Pictionary, launched by Hasbro to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

The Promotion/Illustration category was won by CFC International, Corus Packaging Plus and Crown Specialty Packaging for the seasonal gift packaging for Nicolas Feuillate champagne, comprising a tin canister with a holographic film that, despite being laminated to the hot steel, retained its image quality to produce a highly attractive container.

In the new category of Best Industrial Product, introduced this year, the winners were Hspace, Visual Impact Technologies and Waterjet Workshop for The Spectrum collection of holographic glass tiles that change colour and effects in different lighting conditions. Designed for the architectural and interior design markets, the collection is the culmination of 25 years work from concept to commercial production of holographic glass at affordable prices. Examples of the effects of holographic glass were provided by the trophies themselves for this and the other categories, which were designed and produced by Hspace.

The Best New Holographic Product award went to HoloTouch, as above, which also won Best of the Year. Commended in this category was Dr Kwan Ming, an independent holographer from China, for the development of a technique for generating and printing 3D images on standard desktop PCs and printers.

Winners of the Best New Holographic Technique were Eskay Holographics and Henderson Engineering for their dual method hot and cold wide web embosser, which embosses packaging films at the rate of 200 m per minute and offers tremendous flexibility and versatility in holographic production.

Finally, the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Achievement was awarded to Gunther Dausmann of Dausmann Holographics – a leader in innovation in the industry, particularly in the sphere of photopolymer holograms and the developer of the holographic technology that is now in use to secure German passports and ID cards. Recipients of this award, introduced in memory of Brian Monaghan, a major hologram innovator who died in 2002, are chosen by the IHMA Board for their personal contribution to and influence on the development of the hologram industry.

The awards were presented by IHMA chairman Hugues Souparis during a special ceremony at the conference dinner for Holo-pack•Holo-print, organised by Reconnaissance International, the publishers of Holography News. The conference was the largest in the event’s 17 year history with over 260 delegates in attendance, representing hologram suppliers, manufacturers and users from around the world, including more than 100 from China, the most rapidly growing centre for both hologram production and consumption in the world.

The full list of this year’s awards and commendations for outstanding projects follows. For additional information on the projects and photos, please visit the website for Holo-pack•Holo-print (http://www.holopackholoprint.info) or the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (http://www.ihma.org).

List Of Awards And Commendations


Award: Hologram Industries for the combined DID/Alphagram on the new Slovakian passport

Commended: Beijing Sanyou for China Mobile telephone cards


Award: PT Pura Barutama and PT Bintang for the security packaging for Extra Joss high-energy powdered drinks

Commended: Vacumet, Seneca Printing and Wavefront for Pictionary


Award: CFC International, Corus Packaging Plus and Crown Specialty Packaging for the holographic tin canister for Nicolas Feuillate Champagne


Award: Hspace, Visual Impact Technologies and Waterjet Workshop for the Spectrum collection of holographic glass tiles

New Holographic Product

Award: HoloTouch, Atlantex and Holographics North for BeamOne virtual keyboards and pinpads

Commended: Dr Kwan Ming for direct generation and printing of 3D images via desktop PCs and printers

New Holographic Technique

Award: Eskay Holographics and Henderson Engineering for their dual method hot and cold wide web embosser

Best Of The Year

Award: HoloTouch, Atlantex and Holographics North for BeamOne virtual keyboards and pinpads

Brian Monaghan Award For Business Innovation

Award: Gunther Dausmann, Dausmann Holographics

About Reconnaissance International:

Reconnaissance International is the leading source of intelligence on the holography industry and has organised the Holo-pack•Holo-print conferences since 1989. Reconnaissance also publishes the industry’s monthly newsletter Holography News, as well as the Holo-pack•Holo-print Industry Study and Market Report and other reference books on holography, and provides the secretariat for the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

The IHMA is the international association for the hologram industry, set up in 1992 and now comprising over 70 hologram manufacturers around the world.


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