Does Your Website Float or Flounder?

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What makes the difference between a successful website or one that sinks? New e-book answers this question.

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This is the 60 thousand dollar question that millions of website owners are asking and one that actually has an answer. It’s called ‘responsive traffic,’ according to a new e-book by Bob Serling.

How do you get responsive buyers to your website who are interested in your product without having to bribe all the search engines, offer coffee money to unknown, self-professed gurus or go insane trying the antics that you have read should be done to make your website float?

The answer may be old hat but it comes down to knowledge. You need to find and listen to experienced marketing people.

These are the people who started their marketing careers off line before starting to market online. These are the people who have been marketing online now since the Internet became big business and another advertising medium. These are the people who have experience in dealing with humans prior to the Internet revolution and appreciate what drives them. People haven’t changed much but the way we communicate has. To find these knowledgeable individuals on the Internet is difficult because you have to navigate through all the static. All the wannabes cause problems for the real McCoys.

Every savvy Internet user is too familiar with these problems. Validation of information is essential if you are to stop your website from floundering.

How do you validate information? I started my validation process by picking and choosing who I would learn Internet marketing from. Once I had picked them out -- Google was very helpful in this process -- I then enrolled for their respective courses. Then I actually did the courses. I learned from experts in England, the US, Canada and Australia The validation of information came from what and how they taught the information. Just enrolling for the courses isn’t enough, you actually have to do the courses to understand the information.

I came to the conclusion that there were about 45 real experts worth learning from. My next step was to attend one of their seminars. This wasn’t so easy as I live in Australia and the majority of seminars occur in the US. My preferred teacher was a man by the name of Bob Serling and he lives in the US. I wanted to learn from him so badly, I packed my bags at the drop of an email, picked up my passport and flew half-way around the world to meet him.

Bob is one of nature’s true gentleman. A quiet, unassuming man who simply knows his business. His understanding of human behaviour and marketing expertise made every thousand kilometre worth every dollar.

As he said “I have been marketing now for the past 25 years. I have learnt a thing or two along the way.”

So Bob contacted 32 people whom he considers from 25 years experience to be experts in their various fields of marketing expertise and has put them together in his latest Ebook “Online Profits at the Speed of Light”

So if you want to save your website from floundering and make it float, get your copy and apply the knowledge.

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