Channel 5 News Interviews California Dentist about Dental Face Lifts

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As a leading expert in the field, Dr. Sam Muslin of California was recently invited to appear on KTLA Channel 5 to show some of his expertise and work. This increasingly popular field of dentistry can take 10 to 15 years off a face, as well as dramatically improve facial appearance -- without facial surgery. The patients simultaneously improve their health, jaw function and appearance.

Recently interviewed on KTLA Channel 5 news, Dr. Sam Muslin of California concentrates his practice in the increasingly popular and growing field of dentistry called “Dental Face Lifts.” Face Lift Dentistry is a series of procedures that take as much as 10 to 15 years off a face and improve a person's dental health without the need for plastic surgery. In most cases, the treatment can be completed in two weeks or less for each arch. Treatment is remarkably quick with little down time for the patient.

He was presenting his work at the Cosmetic Expo in Los Angeles last October when weeks later, KTLA Channel 5 asked him to make an appearance on a news morning show as a result of the presentation he was making. The interview consisted of two three minute segments including live patients in each segment that have been treated by Dr. Muslin. It aired on October 20, 2005. To film the spot, reporter Gayle Anderson visited his office for three hours conducting interviews with his patients and Dr. Muslin. She was able to ask any questions she wished. Case studies of these patients, for those who are interested (with dramatic before and after photos) can also be viewed at Dr. Muslin's website at

Dr Sam Muslin’s concept is simple: when you change in person's bite you can also change the shape of their entire face. The results are dramatic and completed without surgery. Facial lines are smoother, years of dental aging and wear is restored, lips are better supported and the facial collapse from years of aging is reversed to achieve a younger appearance.

"Because we are living longer than ever before, we need to re-think the type of dental care we are receiving," he said. "Instead of treating one tooth here and one tooth there, it is far better to treat them all at one time. The Dental Face Lift treats all of the upper teeth at the same time to achieve the best possible bite, best color, the most ideal shape, the clearest 'S' sounds and for the most optimal health, function and appearance. Then all of the lower teeth are treated. The finest care is to remove the old decaying crowns and fillings before they hurt and before they abscess."

The facial collapse tends to occur in people in their 40s, 50s and above, causing them to look older. This age group has worn down their teeth and lost facial height and have experienced facial collapse as a result.

"As we age, we wear our teeth down and loose facial height resulting in Facial Collapse," he added. "This loss of facial height makes us look our age or older. By rebuilding the bite and restoring the teeth back to the level they were when the patient was young, we can turn back the clock. The patient will appear years younger because their face is now longer, their lips are fuller and the age lines on their face are significantly reduced."

Dr. Muslin’s dental procedures focus on the total patient which may include better lip support, lengthening the patients entire face, coordinating the bite and jaw joint, straightening teeth and matching top and bottom teeth to form a correct bite, as well as cleaning up old dental problems. It does not require jaw cracking or surgery to a patient's jaws.

"Cosmetic dentistry is one of the hot areas of dentistry that consists of porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers to make teeth look better," he said. "However, a lot more can be done in cosmetic benefits that extend to the entire face."

What has revolutionized the field of dentistry in recent years, he added, is that -- because of the development of bonding, and high tech ceramics -- treatment can be completed without having to grind down the natural teeth of a patient.

The Dental Face Lift is not one single procedure, he added. The treatment options are different for every patient. Teaching all of the combinations can be very difficult because it takes years of experience to develop the skills and the artistic versatility to be able to treat a wide variety of different clinical problems, apply a wide variety of treatment modalities and obtain results that go beyond better looking teeth.

The Dental Face Lift involves changing the hard tooth structure to support and affect the soft tissues of the face. The shape of the entire face can be dramatically improved by treating the patient's bite and creating the most ideal positioning of the teeth in the jaw.

Facial Collapse is reversed.

In addition to improving one's physical appearance, Dental Face Lifts can also have health benefits.

"I have found that the comfort of the patients that have TMJ problems is also improved as the bite position is changed for the better," Dr. Muslin said. "Some patient's with headaches can get relief with treatment to their bite. Many people get headaches because there is a lack of coordination between the bite and the jaw joints."

The Dental Face Lift is the ultimate level of care for the dental patient that wants the very best in health, comfort, function and appearance.

About Dr. Muslin:

Dr. Muslin is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry who has been practicing for over 28 years (at the time of receiving his master there were only 1,000 Masters awarded in the last 34 years). He has successfully treated patients with dramatic results in facial length, lip support, speech improvement, reduction in facial lines and the repositioning of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw which ultimately reverses facial collapse.

Face lift dentistry has been the evolutionary result of 28 years of experience.


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