Good News for Motorists Into Games: The L.A. Freeway Game is Back with A Vengeance! Now called Road Rage! with New, Simplified Rules

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Road Rage!!! The L.A. Freeway game by David (Dr. Roadmap) Rizzo. This board game challenges you to conquer the freeway interchanges surrounding downtown Los Angeles. Have fun: mastering the L.A. Freeway system, pulling over other motorists, dodging Sigalerts and orange cones, listening to traffic reports and posing traffic-school questions.

Can't figure your way around the Santa Monica Freeway? Don't know which lane to merge into when approaching the East L.A. Interchange? Haven't a clue about the minimum speed limit on the Pasadena Freeway? Perhaps, most importantly, do you harbor a perverse desire to pull over other motorists for rude driving behavior and ticket them? Then check out the recently-revised Road Rage!!! The L.A. Freeway boardgame that entertains and educates anyone interested in games about driving in L.A.

Leave it to Dr. Roadmap -- a podiatrist whose real name is David Rizzo -- to revise his own boardgames to make them more simple to play, yet still retain the intense "gotcha!" satisfaction derived from acting as a highway patrol officer to corral competing players as they motor around the congested freeways surrounding downtown Los Angeles.

By playing Road Rage!!! The L.A. Freeway Game, motorists into games can enjoy many hours of entertainment, but also stand to learn a bit about the area's freeway system, as well as the laws that govern these highways. For example, 50 questions (referred to as Traffic School Questions) are taken from the California "Driver Handbook." This makes preparing for a DMV examination far more amusing.

"Can we have a little fun, here?" asks Dr. Roadmap. "Yes, this boardgame is educational, but I also designed it to mimic the intensity of forging your way down the "405" during rush hour. Everyone competes for the fastest-moving lane on the freeway, so why not duplicate that fervor in this game?

Like other geographical-based games, the gameboard is a simplified map. In this case, the central-L.A. area freeway system is recreated to display the relationships of the interchanges and the relative position of their respective transition roads. Equipped with a CD of life-like traffic reports, players can't help but learn the major on and off ramps to some of the more congested freeways such as the Hollywood, San Diego, Ventura, and Harbor as they dodge their way around orange cones.

This boardgame makes the perfect gift for someone who is new to Southern California, or anyone who wishes to build confidence when driving its freeways. It also makes a perfect choice for drivers who must take a drivers license test.

"I must confess that these boardgames are even a blast for people into games who just want to make fun of us drivers in sunny So Cal," admits Dr. Roadmap. "Most of the sales have come from out of state."

Like to get your hands on Road Rage!!! The L.A. Freeway Board Game? It retails for $19.95 plus shipping (and sales tax for California residents only). Visit for complete ordering information. Once your copy arrives, get into your "take no prisonors" mentality to play one of the more entertaining, yet educational, games available on the subject of driving.

Road Rage!!! The L.A. Freeway Game, copyright 2005, David Rizzo.

Dr. Roadmap is a registered trademark.

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