Academic Deceit, Manipulation and Self Interest

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Australian Author and Newspaper Columnist claims that modern academics are both deceitful and hypocritical.

In a recent article entitled "Biblical Infallibility, Divine Inspiration & Academic Deceit and Manipulation", theologian, author and newspaper columnist R.P.BenDedek writes 'that it is not only hypocritical, but deceitful for Academics to 'quote and otherwise use' the Bible, to support any of their findings'.

Despite his own claim that God was 'incompetent at delivering his message with clarity', BenDedek accuses Modern Academia of a fanaticism akin to Christian fundamentalism, asserting that 'modern liberal academics are just as fanatically evangelical in their rejection of the Biblical documents' as are the Christian fundamentalists in support of them. He accuses the former of 'sacrosanct' deference, and the latter of treating it as 'a second rate piece of historical fiction'.

After an exercise in 'deductive reasoning' meant to demonstrate academic ignorance of Biblical chronology, he concludes that "Ultimately we have to face the fact, that modern academics are involved in a deliberately deceptive manipulation of Biblical Texts, in order to get the gullible and the ignorant to accept their findings. If the Bible is a piece of 'rubbish' then academics should stop trying to manipulate people's religious beliefs by quoting from it".

Claiming that Biblical chronological data is presented in an 'heretofore' unknown artificial calendrical system, BenDedek accuses Academics of not only being 'unscientific', but of being self interested and self promoting when quoting Scripture.

Biblical Infallibility, Divine Inspiration & Academic Deceit and Manipulation

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