Jobelyn, African Wonder Herb, Set to Rule the World of Natural Plant Anti-Oxidants and Phenolics

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A sorghum Bicolor natural plant powder, that has incredibly more anti-oxidant power than any other known plant and which is currently being marketed as Jobelyn (Dietary Supplement), is already making waves in Nigeria and generating great interest in USA and Europe.

Antioxidant has in recent times become a very important marketing factor in the anti-oxidant Dietary Supplement/Vitamin market. The Food Industry has been injuring the population by overloading it with free radicals on the dining table and in the street corner junkies. Meticulous researchers have discovered that free radicals are the causes of practically all ailments, minor or degenerative, including premature ageing. They discovered, too, that free radicals can be neutralized by anti-oxidants and foods which have high ORAC values. The ORAC is the measurement of a plant’s Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity. The higher it is, the more valuable is the plant for health restoration purposes.

In November 2005, Jobelyn was certified by the famous Brunswick Laboratory (USA) to possess a Total ORAC anti-oxidant value of 1590 mmole TE/g and phenolic compounds of 86.18 (mg/g).

Jobelyn, which contains 100% natural plant materials is comfortably the leader when compared to other plants which have been rated as having high anti-oxidant values. Among these plants were Prune (57.70); Raisins (28.30); Blueberries (24); Strawberries (15.40); Plums (9.49); Oranges (7.50)); Red Grapes (7.39); Spinach (17.70); Brussels Sprouts (9.80); Broccoli (8.80); Beets (8.40); Onions (4.50); Corn (4); and Eggplant (3.90).

Jobelyn is a herbal preparation from the leaves of Sorghum bicolor . This herb, when prepared with a special formula, has been used by natives of South Western Nigeria through many generations, to treat health disorders of diverse origins. In the hospital–setting, Jobelyn has been used successfully in the management of cardiovascular and other blood related problems (especially cases of severe anemia, as in Sickle cell anemia and Leukemia. ) , Diabetes mell. Type II; Arthritis, Neoplasms, HIV/AIDS etc.

The scientific world would have nothing to do with this seemingly cure-all herb until Health Forever Products Ltd in the last 7 years started looking for scientific evidence to back up the various claims made for it.

The Pharmacotherapy Group of the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Benin and the Dept of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science of the same University, concluded in their Research published in the African Journal of Biotechnology of Sept. 2003. “that Jobelyn can resolve the PCV and Hb concentrations in anemic conditions and is a potential substitute for blood transfusion.”

The Dept. of Biochemistry and the Dept. of Cell Biology and Genetics, both in University of Lagos, Akoka, concluded in their research, published in the African Journal of Biotechnology of Sept 2003, “ that Jobelyn has an effect on the hematopoetic system, manifested by a positive increase in the levels of Hemoglobin, Packed Cells Volume (Hematocrit) and Red Blood Cells. It also demonstrated substantial antiparasitic effects.”

Jobelyn has been presented at many National and International fora. In the UK, USA, Senegal, Ghana, just to mention a few. Recently, Jobelyn was on display at the 35th. International Congress on Military Medicine (ICMM) held in Washington DC USA Sept. 2004.

In an abstract submitted to the Scientific Committee of the ICMM., Col.Godwin Ayuba, Consultant Pathologist at the Military Hospital Ikoyi Lagos stated that “Jobelyn is a good alternative and/or supplement to ARVs, in the management of HIV/ AIDS patients”.

A poster presentation on the abstract was held during the International Congress, attended by military medical chiefs from 110 member countries. Col. Ayuba conducted the clinical studies in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Erah of the Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice, University of Benin Nigeria.

Jobelyn is currently the fastest selling herbal product in Nigeria with most pharmaceutical outlets being used as the distribution channels. It is interesting to remark that Jobelyn is the only local herbal product being prescribed by orthodox Medical Hospitals across the country. It is expected that turnover will exceed the $1.00 million mark in the current year for the local market. Distributors are being appointed in USA and Europe and considerable volume of business is being done through internet sales.

Currently the company through its American based subsidiary - HAINS HERBAL LLC, is negotiating an exclusive distributorship package with Nature's Thyme, LLC (USA) which is a company that imports and exports nutritional raw ingredients globally. Nature's Thyme proudly imports the very best quality of product from many countries worldwide including India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, the Pacific, Canada, Mexico and more. The importation of Jobelyn from Health Forever Products will add Nigeria to the list of countries from where the company imports.

When an American expert in phytomedicines made the following forecast as the last century drew to a close (Mellanby 1996): “I am very optimistic that in the 21st century, we will have herbal pharmaceutical companies where they won’t extract and purify a single component as they do today – instead they will provide a symphony orchestra instead of a piano concerto” we could not have dreamt that Jobelyn may be a part of the fulfillment of this forecast. We are very excited to present a herbal product to the world in the very natural form without tampering with nature’s work by way of extraction or concentration.


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