Ten Tips for Better Hot Tubbing

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The benefits of hot tubs and how to choose a hot tub from the many types available. Includes top 10 tips for hot tub ownership.

The idea of soaking in hot tubs is nothing new; people from the four corners of the globe have recognized the healing powers and therapeutic qualities of hot water. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Turkish and Nordic cultures have long partaken in hot bathing. Now everyone can benefit from these unique qualities in your very own affordable private hot tub.

Today, many people, especially those with conditions such as arthritis, sporting injuries and stress appreciate a hot tubs ability to help them relax and feel better. Hot tubs have become popular in gardens across the UK, with sales increasing year on year. A hot tub can be that special place that brings family and friends closer together or can provide a relaxing retreat from the stresses of the day.

Hot tubs can cost as little at £995 according to Paul Fish from Clearer Hot Tubs who said “it can be difficult to choose the hot tub that is right for you and your family. We invite you to review our product line at http://www.clearerhottubs.com and if at anytime you have a question, please feel free to contact our sales team on 01772 611170”


1. Only invite clean, hygienic friends to use your hot tub.

2. Just like at the swimming pool, don't jump in at the shallow end. In fact don't jump in at any end of your hot tub.

3. Make sure all the bubbles only come from the jets with no bodily assistance from you and your friends.

4. Having friends over for a dip in your hot tub is "the" new dinner party, but if you are serving food be careful. May we recommend that simple finger buffet food is best.

5. Be careful when mixing hot tub fun with alcohol Reports have shown that the hot tub can heighten the effects of alcohol as it enters a person's blood stream quicker than it normally would.

6. At regular intervals throw into the conversation the location of your nearest toilet, especially if you are consuming large amounts about of fluids. You do not want your guests getting too relaxed.

7. If you are not familiar with everyone at your party, be conscious of where you put your hands or you may get too familiar too quickly.

8. Make sure you place your hot tub in full view of all your surrounding neighbours. They may have a new 3 piece suite or the latest 4x4 but who wants last years looks when you can have warm bubbles all year round?

9. Always wear suitable attire whilst relaxing in your hot tub. Bathing naked may be liberating, but it can also be very embarrassing if your parents come round unannounced.

10. Do not use your hot tub for anything other than pure relaxation and enjoyment. "Other" activities include washing the dog, last nights washing up and your dirty laundry.

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