Single Mom Writes Broke Man's Survival Guide

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50 clever strategies to use when you are unemployed, underpaid or just dead broke and can't pay your bills.

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in a city not very far away, Antoinette Harris was doing her best to survive. She was forced to leave an abusive husband and an unhealthy marriage. She was faced with raising four children by herself. A single mom.

Her husband had been the breadwinner of the family. Even though she had had a college degree and a full time job, she did not earn enough to provide the quality of life she wanted for her children. She was poor and desperate.

She studied on her own and learned about self-publishing. At a local writer’s conference, a workshop leader said you should write about the topics that concern you the most, and the ones that you know the most about.

She knew about being broke. So that’s what she wrote about.

Without hesitation, she created a personal finance self-help book like nothing anyone had ever seen. She called it The Broke Mans Survival Guide.

“I wrote about how to survive when there is literally no money. I tell people what to do when it comes down to having to choose between buying food or paying the car note. Or how to survive when you lose a good paying job and are forced to take another one that pays half of what you made before.”

Unlike the books that teach about how to manage money, Antoinette focused on the tactics and actions people need to take when they have bills to pay are out of options.

“My book is for hardworking people who have fallen into a bad situation that has prevented them from paying their bills,” she said.

This is not a "debt rehab" book that will tell you all sorts of different ways to get out of debt and clear your credit. This is for people who do not have the means to even think that far in advance. It’s for people who are seriously, desperately broke, who can’t pay the bills.

This book tells you how to deal with the bill you are holding in your hand, and what to do when the debt collectors start calling. Here are 50 solid tactics that will help you deal with the bills so you can survive so there is another tomorrow.

This amazing book provides answers to many very tough questions. You’ll find some very unconventional, yet real life options to consider when you literally don't have "two nickels to rub together."

Some people and businesses may find these street savvy strategies highly controversial. But if you are in pure survival mode, you need to know how to keep the walls from crumbling down on you and Antoinette shows you how it can be done.

Her tactics include: how to handle the Repo man. How to stall debt collectors and beat them at their own game. How to juggle bills (the broke man's way.) Other information includes utilizing little known programs designed to help you while broke! Being on the look out for scams that target broke people. The guide also provides a new perspective on bankruptcy and credit counselors.

At first glance her strategies might seem well, bold. Her strategies are bold—brash in fact, yet sincere.

The Broke Man’s Survival Guide provides you with a survival plan before the worst happens (foreclosure, bankruptcy, wage garnishment or vehicle repossession). If the worse has already happened, these strategies can help you weather the storm.

“We may be living in a country that prosperous and wealthy, but there are millions of people who can’t afford to eat and aren’t able to pay their bills,” says Harris. “No matter where they are, I have something that can help them.”

The education provided in this book should be mandatory reading for every child graduating high school in America and for parents everywhere.

If you are among those who is singing the "My car note, rent, electricity and gas bills are due and I ain't got no' money blues," this amazing little guide will help you sing a different tune.

For more information contact Antoinette Harris at or visit

Note: Complimentary copies available to Media. Author seeking news articles in lieu of book reviews.

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