New Anti-Cancer European Technology Now Available in the U.S.

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PREVENTA-105: “Deuterium Depleted Carbonated Drinking Water”

PREVENTA-105: “Deuterium Depleted Carbonated Drinking Water”, Manufactured and Formulated as described in Dr. Gabor Somlyai’s book, “Defeating Cancer! The Biological Effect of Deuterium Depleted Water”. (Available online:

Now available in the United States, this product was created with a new technology, “Deuterium Depletion”, developed by Dr. Somlyai, Ph.D., Molecular Biologist.

Cancer:    "Could the cure to cancer be as simple as drinking water? This is a possibility, thanks to research done by biologist Gabor Somlyai..."

Consuming this product with a lowered Deuterium content can affect the diseased cells in the body while having no effect on healthy blood cells.

In general, natural water contains 150 ppm (parts per million) of Deuterium (an isotope of Hydrogen), which is perfectly acceptable and healthy for most people, however the reduction of the amount of Deuterium, can effect diseased cells, causing a natural necrosis or cell death of diseased cells.

Based on research and development that began in 1993, it is now evident that deuterium has a key role in cell metabolism. There is conclusive evidence that the application of “deuterium depleted water” (DDW) causes a delay of cell growth in tissue culture. In animal experiments, DDW slowed down, halted or reversed the growth of tumors originating from malignant cell lines of human origin, in immunosupressed mice and spontaneous tumors in cats and dogs

Following preclinical safety and efficacy studies, a Phase II double blind randomized clinical trial was initiated in Budapest, Hungary to evaluate the benefits of therapeutic deuterium depletion in human patients. The immediate objective of the clinical trial was to justify the therapeutic efficacy and safety of DDW in patients with prostate cancer. The clinical trial that was double-blind and placebo controlled involved 70 patients with prostate cancer in three oncology centers in Hungary. Patients received DDW as drinking water in addition to their conventional anti-cancer medication. The final evaluation of the phase II study, showed “statistically significant” benefits of DDW versus a placebo. In addition, no drug-related side-effects were observed from the usage of DDW.

Deuterium depletion opens new perspectives and options in cancer treatment and prevention, offering a completely safe and non-invasive treatment modality. Pre-clinical, Clinical and Compassionate Usage Data includes a total of 1200 patients, indicating that deuterium depletion technology will be effective as an additional procedure in oncology. Deuterium depletion has opened a highly original and promising new approach to the prophylaxis and treatment of almost all types of cancer.

Although the pharmaceutical grade product is not yet approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the process has been started.

“Preventa-105” “Deuterium Depleted Carbonated Drinking Water”, a nutritional supplement, is now being imported from Budapest, Hungary for health challenged individuals. The cost in the United States is $12.00 USD per 2-liter bottle plus shipping and handling from our California Warehouse.

For more information on this revolutionary technology, visit our web site: To obtain “Preventa-105”, fill in the “Product Ordering Process – Order Form” on the web site under the “Products” Category.

Product of Hungary and Imported by Hydros, Inc., Calabasas, Ca 91302 (818) 346-4339     

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