New Book by Ontario, Canada Workplace Justice Activist Brings Hope to The Workplace

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A workplace justice activist has written a book that challenges workplace leaders to see the value in all employees, while offering hope to discouraged and frustrated employees. Dr. Lisa M.S. Barrow drew on personal experiences as well as her own doctoral research to write Hope For A Healthy Workplace: Introducing Philanthropian Leadership (ISBN:1598861107,Tate Publishing, 2005).

Intended for both leaders and employees, Hope For A Healthy Workplace: Introducing Philanthropian Leadership presents a revolutionary new leadership model that, when put into action, results in happy, productive workplaces and happy, productive workers.

“Philanthropian leadership is characterized by love, caring, compassion, altruism and perceptive listening,” says Dr. Barrow, who has held supervisory positions in the automotive industry, and who earned her doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix in Arizona. “Research has shown that philanthropian leadership significantly improves employee morale and productivity. As a result, it gives organizations the competitive edge they need to survive in today’s marketplace.”

Dr. Barrow has personally witnessed the healing effects of philanthropian leadership in the lives of emotionally wounded employees, and is passionate about creating a healthy workplace for all. Philanthropian leadership affirms the individual uniqueness of employees and supports them in their personal and professional development. It calls for the treatment of employees as human beings, not as extensions of the machines they operate.

In her book, Dr. Barrow devotes a chapter each to the five elements of philanthropian leadership. She also tells her own leadership story, with all of its trials and joys; and offers recommendations to leaders, organizations and employees. Appendices to the book include checklists to help employees determine if they are being emotionally abused in the workplace, and to help leaders decide if they are abusing employees.

“I want abused employees to know they are not alone, and to know there is hope,” says Dr. Barrow, whose “Letter to a Wounded Employee” appears at the start of her book. “I want employees to maintain their sense of dignity and self worth, even in difficult circumstances, and to know that they deserve to be treated with respect. I want employees to know that their thoughts and concerns are valid, and that there are leaders out there who care.”

Dr. Barrow challenges leaders to integrate the philanthropian characteristics of love, compassion, caring, altruism and perceptive listening into their dealings with employees. Far from compromising organizational objectives, philanthropian leadership principles help make organizations successful, she says. “Tyrannical, oppressive leaders may believe that their negative attitudes and behaviors will increase productivity, but actually the reverse is true. Unhappy employees are unproductive employees. Leaders who try to motivate their employees by verbally abusing them won’t get the results they want.”

Hope For A Healthy Workplace will be useful to agencies and organizations that require resources to promote workplace wellness, and to individual leaders and employees with an interest in improving workplace life. The book is now available in select bookstores and directly from the publisher.

Hope For A Healthy Workplace follows Dr. Barrow’s first title, A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Philanthropian Leadership (ISBN: 1581122373), which includes her doctoral research.

To arrange an interview, book signing or speaking engagement with Dr. Lisa M.S. Barrow, contact her by telephone at 905.835.2825.

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