$50 Coupon on PUMGO the Best Sporting Toy and Gift for Boys and Girls

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The name of PUMGO came from "pump and go." PUMGO is the new ride on toy and sporting goods introduced by Land Surf Inc. PUMGO allows you surfing on land with calorie burning. Visit http://www.pumgo.com and use coupon code "PRW-01" to save your $50.

The name of PUMGO came from "pump and go." PUMGO is the new ride on toy and sporting goods introduced by Land Surf Inc. PUMGO allows you surfing on land with calorie burning. Please use coupon code "PRW-01" to save $50 when you order PUMGO at https://www.pumgo.com/shop/showDept.asp?dept=18. You can also call 1-888-PUMGO-4U for order. Limited time from November 22nd to December 1st.

How does PUMGO work? Its unique 4-Wheel-Drive and all-wheel steering system allow the rider to cruise along with a simple pumping motion, similar to a see-saw. PUMGO is great for hard, flat surfaces and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. Kids 7 up and parents can enjoy PUMGO.

Most kids learn how to ride in about 5 minutes and no skateboard experience is necessary. In fact the similarities between skateboards and PUMGO are quite limited. Both use the same style of deck (the board itself) and both ride along hard surfaces on four wheels. Beyond that, PUMGO is an entirely new experience.

According to the fitness specialists, the PUMGO is all about the core. Just balancing alone on the PUMGO works your core strength, in addition to the pumping back and forth, because you have to distribute weight from one foot to the other while staying centered with your upper body which means your abs have to fire every time to stabilize your torso.

Not surprisingly, the legs benefit the most from the PUMGO workout. It will work your gluts because your knees have to bend to balance yourself, the 4 quadriceps muscles, your hamstrings because you have to lean forward, and even a little bit of calf work as you shift your body weight between your heels and toes in order turn.

The fun factor makes another appearance when it comes to calorie burning. While the PUMGO won’t fire the heart up like running it will keep it beating in the aerobic, or prime fat burning, zone. To reap the benefits of that zone, however, you need to stay on the board for about 30 minutes.

The most positive thing about the PUMGO is that it is interesting and fun so it keeps people on it for a longer amount of time because it is something they enjoy. Wherever you can find a flat and safe place, you can enjoy the feeling of surfing on land.

PUMGO has caught the eye of many media sources including CBS News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Time Magazine for Kids, Washington Post and Washington Times. Most recently, PUMGO has been featured in the November edition of Boy’s Life magazine, the official youth magazine of the Boy Scouts of America and will also be featured in the December edition of Sports Illustrated for Kids at holiday gift guide.

To watch PUMGO in action, please visit: http://www.pumgo.com

About Land Surf Inc.

Land Surf Inc. is located in Atlanta, GA. Land Surf Inc. owns PUMGO technology and is the only company manufacturing and distributing PUMGO in the world.

Land Surf Inc.

120 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 153

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