Reality TV Shows Spark New Phenomenon In Fashion 'Celebrity Inspired Tees'

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Fans show loyalty by the thousands clamoring to wear celebrity phrases on their back. Multi-Millionaire Donald Trump, Socialite Paris Hilton and reality show newcomer R& B star Whitney Houston spark new trend.

Reality television shows for celebrities have proven to be very successful and has sparked a new phenomenon in the fashion world now affectionately being called, "Celebrity Inspired Tees." Fans are showing loyalty by the thousands by clamoring to wear celebrity phrases on t-shirts, hats, belts and coffee mugs. Multi-Millionaire Donald Trump, Socialite Paris Hilton and reality show newcomer R& B star Whitney Houston all have one thing in common, phrases they have now added to their fans everyday vocabulary. As an example when Paris Hilton in her reality show "The Simple Life" uttered two simple words "That's Hot" it spurned a demand for belts, tees, hats and sweaters bearing her famous sexy words. Even millionaire Donald Trump relished in the victory of creating a two syllable word that thrusted him into the reality show spotlight with "You're Fired." We also can't forget "Bling Bling" which became the catchphrase of the year when the Lakers celebrated their second championship and Shaquille O'Neal shouted those words from the podium in an attempt to hint at the fact that they were now in possession of several diamond encrusted championship rings. "Bling Bling" was actually added to the dictionary and in humor became a part of everyone's daily vocabulary.

The celebrity inspired catchphrase craze continues on with R & B superstar Whitney Houston sparking a trend by using her funny catchphrase "Hell To The Naw" on her reality television show "Being Bobby Brown." Instead of Whitney just saying "No Way" she emphasizes her disgust of a situation by saying, "Hell To The Naw" which has people everywhere laughing hysterically. Online women's clothing store Style has immortalized her popular catchphrase and added it to a limited edition tee to spark a laugh amongst Whitney fans and the fans of her reality show "Being Bobby Brown." Tracey J. owner of popular online clothing store Style says, “The shirts have sold incredibly well for us and we've had fun adding to the trend of celebrity inspired tees which are fast becoming one of the new waves of the future. Tracey J. also says, "We are keeping our eyes peeled for new celebrity catchphrases from a few of our favorite reality shows on television now such as MTV's Run's House, A & E's Growing Up Gotti, UPN's America's Next Top Model and NBC's The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. You never know which celebrity inspired tees we will come up with next."


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