Artemis Solutions Group Announces Availability of the BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ and BioCert® Entre™ Series of Door Locks & Deadbolt Locks

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ASG - a leading manufacturer of fingerprint biometric products announces a new series of fingerprint door locks and fingerprint deadbolt locks. Products to secure home and office offer improved security using latest generation fingerprint biometric sensors. ASG steps up its support for the VFW Unmet Needs Foundation.

Imagine securing your home with the latest in technology and at the same time eliminating the headache of shared or lost keys. Now you can with the BioCert(r) Guardian(tm) Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock or BioCert(r) Entre(tm) from Artemis Solutions Group.

ASG announced today the immediate availability of thier latest innovative products under the BioCert(r) product line.

The innovative iQBio(tm) Guardian XL Series fingerprint door lock is a technically sophisticated yet simple electronic lock specially designed for use in homes and small offices. ASG is marketing the iQBio Guardian XL Series fingerprint door locks globally under the trade name iQBio to highlight the intelligent biometric qualities of this product.

The Guardian XL uses a high-performance algorithm to capture and identify each user and doesn’t actually store your fingerprint, but only a small subset of the representative features of your fingerprint called minutiae in a fingerprint template. This mathematical template cannot be removed from the lock to create a replica of your fingerprint by any method.

The Guardian XL has a capacity of 30 (XL30) or 99 (XL99) unique fingerprint templates and can identify a specific person (1:N) in less than 1 second which is more than 3 times faster than competing fingerprint locks currently on the market.

Through the use of a sensor installed directly below the fingerprint scanner that detects the contact of the user's finger, fingerprints will then be “read”, encoded and transmitted to the lock’s memory.

No Wake Up Codes - Innovative Patent Pending Feature

The action of simply placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner automatically triggers the locks identification system. If the fingerprint template presented matches a fingerprint template enrolled in the system, the door unlocks and is then ready to open. No wake-up button or keystroke is required. This mechanism controls the power consumption thus saving energy and substantially prolonging the life of the batteries.

The iQBioLock(tm) system in the Guardian XL Series Fingerprint Lock can also be operated with the use of PIN’s (6-12 digits) or an emergency non-duplicable mechanical key. The lock can be set to normally closed (Secure Mode) or normally open (Pass Mode) as needed.

James Childers - CEO of ASG States - "After selling thousands of our BioCert(r) Guardian(tm) Series door locks, we found that we needed to make several changes to the product to enhance features, quality and usability for the US and EU marketplaces.

After several in-depth discussions with our previous manufacturing partner Adel, we decided that we had to make a change. While Adel makes a suitable product for the Chinese market, they were unable to provide this level of partnership and unwilling to make modifications that we felt were necessary to increase sales into the US and EU marketplaces.

After much discussion, discovery, testing and many air miles later we found our new manufacturing center with superior quality, characteristics and a true partnership attitude. Our requested modifications and additional features are embodied in the BioCert® iQBio™ Guardian XL™ Series door locks as demonstrated by the BioCert® Door Lock Feature Comparison Matrix located at .

The BioCert® iQBio(tm) Guardian XL(tm) Series has absolutely the best fingerprint sensor and electronics we have tested to date. We are extremely happy that our manufacturing partners through IBSL were able to make all of our suggested modifications to this product to improve recognition quality, reduce enrollment errors and improve functionality.

While there may be a few similar looking products on the market, none of them is identical to the BioCert® iQBio(tm) Guardian XL(tm) Series. This is an exclusive product for ASG. We have signed an agreement with our manufacturing partners to design and distribute additional products based upon their impeccable levels of quality and workmanship.

After four years and countless improvements, the BioCert® iQBio(tm) Guardian XL(tm) Series is without a doubt our best product to date."

Also announced today was the introduction of a line of BioCert(r) Entre(tm) Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks designed specifically for use in a residential environment. These fashionable deadbolts can be used with existing door hardware and require little if any modification to the door and both the Guardian XL and Entre are able to be installed directly by the customer.

Each of these products can be ordered directly from any of the ASG websites or through any of the ASG authorized local resellers.

Easy to install, setup and maintain the BioCert(r) line of products include the ability to use an emergency key override and have the capability to enroll or delete a single user. Unlike most of its competition, the Guardian XL can be locked from the inside by engaging the manual deadbolt feature.

ASG today reaffirmed and upgraded their commitment and called upon all Americans to support the VFW unmet needs foundation. ASG has been donating $10.00 for each BioCert Guardian or BioSaf sold through specific websites and

Effective December 1st and through the rest of the year, ASG will donate $10 per BioCert Guardian XL lock sold regardless of the source (including distributors, contractors, builders, locksmiths and resellers in the USA).

Artemis Solutions Group is PROUD to support the VFW Foundations Project Unmet Needs ( sponsored by Vermont American and calls on all Americans to support our troops at home and in the battlefield during this holiday season.

About Artemis Solutions Group:

ASG ( is a closely held, private security firm specializing in fingerprint biometric and smart card security solutions. With offices in the US, EU, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong, ASG sells directly and through its global network of resellers and system integrators best of breed biometric and smart card security systems to small & medium business and local government agencies throughout the world. ASG is partnered with Intelligent Biometric Solutions Limited HK( for design, manufacture and global distribution of its solutions.

Unmet Needs Program

On a one-time basis, this program facilitates the resolution of critical and immediate Unmet Needs of currently—or recently—serving American service personnel and their families, and when possible, other veterans, through direct assistance, referral, and exploration of local outreach opportunities within the VFW and its related projects and communities.

The Unmet Needs Program will primarily focus assistance for currently serving personnel of all branches of the military, especially for the National Guard and Reservists called away from their civilian lives. The program includes Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Reservists.

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